Who is the highest paid film director in the world

The highest paid director in the world for making movies would be, James Cameron. This is because he also writes his movies as well as directing them, this year alone he earne (MORE)

Who won the Oscar for Best Actor in 1994

Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump. Tom Hanks took the "Best Actor Academy Award," for his role in "Forest Gump." He also took the award home a year before, for the 1993 film, "Phi (MORE)
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How many platinum albums does Jay-Z have

Rapper and music mogul Jay-Z has 15 platinum albums. Each of his albums went platinum!
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Six Successful Hollywood Marriages That Have Beaten The Odds

In 1961, actress Anne Baxter remarked that Hollywood was "the most difficult place in America for marriage" partly because of the "terrible extremes of success and failure" bo (MORE)

How many platinum albums does lil Wayne have

Lil Wayne has four platinum albums, some of which have gone double or triple platinum. His first album, Tha Block Is Hot (1999) went platinum with 1,402,000 sales. His fi (MORE)
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Bald Hairstyles or Shaved Head: Here's What You Need to Know

Before committing haphazardly to a buzz cut, a chrome dome or any type of bald hairstyle, it's a smart idea to seek out an educated opinion, or you may not be happy with the e (MORE)

Modern Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Registry

Gone are the days when a wedding registry automatically included a toaster, blender and formal china set. Whether you are saving for your first house, building your wine colle (MORE)
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Finding and Choosing a Guitar Teacher

Few guitar tutorial techniques improve your skills, technique and knowledge as quickly as taking one-on-one private lessons. To make the most of your lessons you want to take (MORE)

The Do's and Don'ts of Wedding Invitation Etiquette

There are so many rules of etiquette associated with wedding invitations, that it can easily become overwhelming. You don't want to break any rules or offend anyone with a sim (MORE)