Fidelity is an investment firm that is focused on providing low-cost investment plans and accounts. The company focuses on providing retirement accounts and taxable investments for people at every stage of investing; from beginners to experienced financiers.

What are asset-based fees?

Asset-based fees are based on the amount of your assets and typically charge 0.5 to 2 percent of the total worth of those assets. Fidelity Investments offers a complete listing of all its fees on a publication called Brokerage Commission and Fee Schedule. This document is free to download on

What retirement services does Fidelity Investments offer?

Fidelity Investments offers retirement services based around money management leading up to, and during retirement. This includes offering free insights, one-on-one guidance and financial advice, and tools, as well as strategies for tax exposure management, and investment assistance and advice for those seeking growth and income.

Does Fidelity Investments help first time investors?

Yes, Fidelity Investment works with both season investors, as well as first timers. Fidelity Investments offers one-on-one guidance and tools for first timers to use while making their investment decisions. It also offer a comprehensive website to explain the basics of investment, and act as a supplement to services offered.

What college savings assistance can Fidelity Investments offer?

Fidelity Investments works with 529 Plans, which are college savings plans that are invested in up until, and sometimes during college. Fidelity manages four different types of 529 Plans, including the UNIQUE College Investing Plan, Fidelity Arizona College Savings Plan, Delaware College Investment Plan, and the U.Fund College Investing P (MORE)