What is an onion brulee?

Onion brulee (pronounced broo-lay) is an onion that is cut in half and charred on a hot dry surface such as a flat top griddle or a dry fry pan, used to impart a rich color to (MORE)

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Do onions have seeds?

Not in the onion itself, but if an onion is left in the ground, it will send up a stalk from its center and a seed head will form at the top. You can sometimes see the start o (MORE)

What does baking soda do?

An extremely alkaline a white, water-soluble powder. When mixed with an acid, it spurs a chemical reaction that produces carbon dioxide gas-or put more simply, it creates bubb (MORE)
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Difference between black and green olives?

The difference is the curing. Olives are cured in brine ( salt and water). A green olive is picked early when it is "green" so therefore it stays green after curing. A black o (MORE)

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Are eggs kosher?

Eggs from any kosher bird (chicken, duck, etc) are kosher. However, you must check for blood spots in the eggs. If you find a blood spot, throw away the part of the egg that h (MORE)
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13 Best Dishes to Bring to a Potluck

Whether they're pork, beef, or turkey, meatballs are almost always a hit. Keep the sauce light or make a light gravy for them. A beef meatball stuffed with cheese is a good id (MORE)
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12 Cooking Hacks for Summer

Ice cubes are lifesavers in the summertime, but they melt quickly. To keep a pitcher cooler during the hottest days of the year, buy or create a block of ice to drop into the (MORE)
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10 Ways to Spice Up Your Hot Dogs

Nothing screams summer quite like a hot dog straight from the grill. If you are getting tired of eating the same old hot dog, then try topping it with fresh French fries. This (MORE)
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8 Foods That Should Never Go in the Microwave

Microwaving fish will stink up your home and reduce the taste of the meal. Therefore, you should stick to other cooking methods like grilling or poaching. If you attempt to mi (MORE)
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