What is Find a Fund?

Find a Fund is a tool offered by Franklin Templeton that lets you search for specific funds. You can choose to enter the fund’s name, or you can search by asset category or fund family. If you would rather choose from a complete list of FTI funds, this tool gives you that option as well.

Does FTI offer literature on investing?

Yes, Franklin Templeton has a series of free articles available for potential investors to read in order to make better financial decisions. These articles include Your Financial Plan, Understanding Risk, Managing Risk, The Power of Compounding, and Long Term Investing.

Does FTI offer tools for retirement planning?

Yes, Franklin Templeton offers investors seven different tools to help plan for retirement. These tools include the Retirement Savings Calculator, Rollover Planning Calculator, IRA Selector, and Roth IRA Conversion Planner. Additional tools include the Early Payout Calculator, Required Minimum Distribution Calculator, and the Beneficiary (MORE)

What types of asset categories does FTI have?

Franklin Templeton has placed each of its funds into specific asset categories like Value, Blend, Growth, Sector, and Global. Other asset categories include International, Hybrid, Asset Allocation, Fixed Income, and Tax Free Income. These categories can be used to locate funds by using the Find a Fund tool.

What options do I have when creating my own investment strategy with my Franklin Templeton Charitable Giving Fund account?

You can distribute your contributions into any of these funds as long as the total percentage equals 100. Choose between the Templeton Growth Fund, Franklin Flex Cap Growth Fund, Franklin Growth Fund, Franklin Small-Mid Cap Growth Fund, Mutual Shares Fund, Franklin Rising Dividends Fund, Franklin Templeton Money Fund, Franklin Total Retur (MORE)

Are there tax benefits to opening a college savings plan?

Yes, Franklin Templeton college savings plans do offer several federal tax benefits. When you open and contribute funds to this account and then make withdrawals for education expenses, they are free from federal income taxes. The contributions are not tax deductible.

How can Franklin Templeton help me donate to charity?

Franklin Templeton has a specific program called Donor-Advised Funds to help you donate to your favorite charitable cause. With these accounts, you make your investments and the proceeds are automatically donated on your behalf. You get the tax benefits of donating to charity, while making sound investments at the same time.

How do I participate in the Franklin Templeton Charitable Giving Fund?

Opening one of these accounts is easy. You must sign and complete the Donor Contribution Agreement in the Donor Program Circular. This is available in the Forms and Literature section of the site. Have your financial advisor send this information to the Renaissance Charitable Foundation. Then you must activate your account online.

Can I change the beneficiary on my 529 College Savings Plan?

If you have a 529 College Savings Plan through Franklin Templeton, you can change the beneficiary at any time. To avoid taxes, the new person must be a member of the previous beneficiary's family. If you have 2 children and one decides not to go to college, you can change the plan for your other child.

What type of account services do you offer?

There are several account services offered through Franklin Templeton. Electronic transfers to link savings accounts to mutual fund accounts, automatic investing on a monthly, quarterly, or annual schedules, systematic withdrawals monthly, and eDelivery which reduces your paper usage and tracks your financial affairs.

What is the benefit of giving cash donations?

Franklin Templeton offers several services for assisting individuals and companies with donations. If you make a cash donation to an organization, you will receive federal income deductions. You can get a deduction of up to 50 percent of your adjusted gross income in the year that you made the donation.

Can you assist me with investment opportunities?

Franklin Templeton is qualified to assist individuals and businesses with several different types of investments. Some of these include 529 college plans, Coverdell ESAs, charitable contributions, account services, tax centers, and separately managed accounts. Numerous services within each of those groups are available.

Does Franklin Templeton offer any education for investors?

Franklin Templeton offers a variety of investor education. There are articles about the different aspects of investing, fund basics, and a glossary. They also offer tools and calculators. College planning services help anyone who's planning their own education or their children's.

How can I set up a Simple IRA?

Franklin Templeton has available Simple IRAs for those companies with under 100 employees. There is a yearly maintenance fee for each employee which is paid by that employee. To set up a Simple IRA you will need to contact Franklin Templeton by calling 800-527-2020.

Does Franklin Templeton offer College Savings Plans?

Franklin Templeton 529 College Savings Plan are available and the amount needed to open one varies based on if you choose to make monthly investments or not. Withdrawals from the accounts will be free from federal taxes if the funds are used for educational purposes.

What are the features of the Franklin MicroCap Value Fund?

The goal of the Franklin Templeton MicroCap Value Fund is a high total return, which is achieved by investing at least 80 percent of assets in companies with less than 500 million dollars in total market capitalization. The fund invests in financially sound, micro-cap companies.

What are the objectives of the Franklin Templeton DynaTech Fund?

The goal of the Franklin Templeton DynaTech Fund is capital appreciation, which is achieved by investing mainly in innovative companies that take advantage of new technologies, benefit from new industry conditions, and have superior management. The DynaTech Fund pays dividends annually in December.

Franklin Templeton manages what types of retirement plans?

Franklin Templeton manages 401K plans that allow employees to save for retirement through salary deferral contributions. Employers often match employees’ contributions to the plan. Another retirement plan that is managed is a 403B plan, which allows employees of tax-exempt organizations like universities, hospitals, and churches to s (MORE)

What are some of the benefits of Franklin Templeton's 529 College Plans?

The money that is invested in a 529 college savings plan grows in an account federal income tax free. The earnings are free from federal income tax even when withdrawn for qualified higher education expenses. Clients can open a 529 college savings plan with just $250 or $50 in Franklin Templeton's automatic monthly investment option.

How does the Franklin Small Cap Growth Fund work?

The goal of the Franklin Small Cap Growth Fund is long-term capital growth. At least eighty percent of net assets are invested in the equity securities of companies with market capitalizations of less than 1.5 billion. Companies are determined by focusing on growth, quality, and vision.

How can Franklin Templeton help you save for retirement?

Franklin Templeton helps you save for retirement by finding the right investments, understanding your unique situation, define goals and determine a path to get there, and expertise to help you make wise financial decisions along the way. The earlier you can begin to save for retirement, the more options you will have.

Does Franklin Templeton offer college plans?

Franklin Templeton offers its 529 College Savings Plan. It is offered nationwide by the New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority. Investing in the college plan helps you receive tax advantages through the Internal Revenue Service Section 529 code. The savings account is free of federal income tax when it is withdrawn and u (MORE)