Does a Virus Cause Breast Cancer In Women?

In 1936, Dr. John Bittner discovered a virus that causes breast cancer in mice. He found that the virus, called the mouse mammary tumor virus (MMTV), was shed in breast milk. (MORE)

The Secret Life Of Food: Hidden Hormones

Food is more than simply fuel. Even foods that are free of hormones, per se, have hormonal activity once they are digested. Since hormones are powerful drivers of metabolic ac (MORE)

Breast Health Recipe: Curried Cauliflower

Cruciferous vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, and anticancer nutrients. At least one study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2001 showed (MORE)

Much Ado About Radiation Therapy

Nothing is perfect. Certainly, breast cancer treatment is no exception. We are saving lives and saving breasts, more than ever before. But saving breasts requires adjuvant rad (MORE)

Breast Healthy Recipe: Roasted Brussels Sprouts

DrDorothy Pathak, an epidemiologist trained at Harvard University who now works at Michigan State University, discovered that Polish immigrants living in Chicago and Detroit h (MORE)
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Breast Cancer Incidence Is Higher In Military Women

Breast cancer is more common in women in the military than in the civilian population. Although there are clues as to what might be increasing the risk for breast cancer in fe (MORE)

Vitamin D And Breast Cancer Risk

Several studies suggest that vitamin D may lower the risk for breast cancer. While the exact mechanisms by which vitamin D prevents breast cancer are not yet fully understood, (MORE)

Scientists Confident Omega-3s Prevent Breast Cancer

Epidemiologic studies linking diet to breast cancer risk have been undermined by lack of scientific support for the many reports that specific nutrients appear to alter the ri (MORE)

Breast Healthy Recipe: Bok Choy With Tomato Sauce

Researchers have observed that women whose diets are high in cabbage have a significantly lowered risk for breast cancer. Because cabbages are large they yield many servings. (MORE)

Breast Healthy Recipe: Oatmeal With Omega-3

Scientists have irrefutable evidence that a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids reduces the risk for breast cancer, thus making this nutrient an important weapon in the fight to (MORE)