9 Reasons Why Hummus Is the Perfect Snack Food

Chickpeas are the main ingredient in hummus, and they have a ton of health benefits including lowering your cholesterol over time. Chickpeas themselves have zero cholesterol a (MORE)

13 Creative Uses for Fruit and Veggie Peels

You can make use of your avocado shells by turning them into environmentally friendly seedling pots for your garden. Simply scoop out the shells, fill them with potting soil, (MORE)

12 Baking Hacks That Will Really Come in Handy

Buttermilk is valuable in baking because it tends to make pastries and bread fluffier, fuller, and tastier. Yet, finding good buttermilk can be a challenge. Instead of looking (MORE)

Phytonutrients Deficiency Among Indians

The World Health Organization's (WHO) recommendation about minimum intake of 400 grams of phytonutrients per person highlights India's abysmal scenario. (MORE)
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