4 Misconceptions About Depression in the Elderly

Depression is devastating to persons of all ages; however, it can be even especially dangerous and debilitating to older adults because of their general deterioration in healt (MORE)

Bipolar 101: Understanding Bipolar Mania

Bipolar mania is one side of bipolar type 1. Bipolar mania is a highly expansive mood that is experienced by many people differently. Mania can include irritability, elation, (MORE)
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Bipolar 101: Understanding Bipolar Hypomania

Bipolar hypomania is part of the criteria in the diagnosis of bipolar 2 and it can be a devastating elevated mood episode for some. While hypomania is not as clinically severe (MORE)

The Best Forums for those Living with Bipolar

Bipolar forums connect like-minded individuals online. People with bipolar disorder can meet others like them for support, answers to questions, and suggestions on how to hand (MORE)

What Happens During a Mental Health Assessment?

A mental health assessment is conducted when a mental illness is suspected in a patient. Often called a history and mental status evaluation, this assessment is an interview u (MORE)