7 Factors Increasing Your STD Risk

A list highlighting 7 of the most common factors that can increase someone's STD risk and likelihood of contracting an infection ranging from lifestyle choices to safer sex pr (MORE)
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Calculating Your STD Risk

Questions to ask yourself that assess and calculate your STD risk and whether you should be tested for STDs based on your and your partner's lifestyle choices and safer sex pr (MORE)
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Humping: Am I at Risk?

What's the actual risk of contracting an STD when humping or dry-humping? Is there really a risk, and, if there is, how does someone reduce their risk of contracting an STD du (MORE)

Does a Pap Smear Test for HPV?

Although the majority of abnormal Pap smears and cervical cancers are caused by HPV, it is still not regularly tested for as part of a woman's annual screening regimen, but th (MORE)

How Safer Sex Barriers Prevent STDs

An overview of safer sex barriers, which items are included among those barriers, their limitations, and how barriers can be a part of your STD prevention plan and sexual heal (MORE)

Where to Find Safer Sex Barriers

How to find specific types of safer sex barriers, which are easier to purchase from where, alternative options, and where not to purchase barriers from when looking for option (MORE)

How to Use Female Condoms

Everything you needed to know about female condoms or inside condoms, what to use them for, how to use them, and best practices to ensure you're maximizing your sexual health (MORE)
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How to Use Dental Dams

Everything you need to know about dental dams and how to use them: what are they, what's the best way to use them to reduce your risk of infection, best practices, and how you (MORE)