Bananas Are Better Than You Think

If you are one of the people who think that bananas have too many calories to be part of your diet, you may be surprised. Bananas are full of important nutrients and are great (MORE)

5 Ways to Jump Start Your Weight Loss

No matter when you started your weight loss program, there likely comes a point where you find it difficult to stay focused and motivated. Before giving up on your desire to g (MORE)

The Value of Group Support While Losing Weight

On the surface losing weight is a very individual process. You alone stand on the scale, you alone choose what foods to put in your mouth, and it is often by yourself that you (MORE)

Dunkin' Donuts: Calories and Nutrients in Donuts and Munchkins

Dunkin' Donuts, founded in 1950 by Bill Rosenberg, operates more than 10,000 restaurants throughout the world. The menu includes beverages, oatmeal, biscuits and bagels, cooki (MORE)

Weight Loss and Soda: Friends or Enemies

If soda is your favorite drink, you are not alone. Over 50 percent of adults drink at least one soda a day, according to a 2012 Gallup poll. About half of those adults drink c (MORE)
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How To Get Back On Your Diet After Overeating

Overeating can happen very easily, even if you are trying to lose weight. Sometimes the dessert table at the party looks too tempting and you before you realize what happened, (MORE)