When a Woman Loses Her Hair

Hair, and long flowing hair in particular, has been associated with femininity since the beginning of legend and art if not the beginning of time. Lady Godiva's long hair is g (MORE)

Post-Coital Reds: Bleeding After Sex

You've just enjoyed some time in the bedroom with your significant other. You use the washroom shortly after and find some blood on the toilet paper, or maybe you find some sp (MORE)

The Top Number: What is Systolic Blood Pressure?

When you get your blood pressure taken, you will see that there are two numbers: the systolic is the first or top number and the diastolic is the second or bottom number. If y (MORE)

When Your Monthlies Are a Pain in the Abdomen

While it is normal to experience some pain for a couple of days before and a day or two after your period starts, excessive pain is not normal. But it is not uncommon. Painful (MORE)

Are Your Glands Making You Fat?

"I have a gland condition." Chances are at some point you've heard that statement before from someone explaining why she had a weight problem. It may have been an excuse, sure (MORE)

Back to Basics: Water and More

Early humans drank only water, and until fairly recently in human history, only the lucky among us had the chance to drink tea, coffee or homemade lemonade on occasion. And th (MORE)

8 Ways to Increase Your Metabolism, Naturally

We all know someone who seems to eat whatever she wants and stay thin as a rail. "I just can't gain weight," she says, inhaling her fries as you nibble on your salad. If you h (MORE)
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