How do you get the flu

Influenza is transmitted by droplet infection. This means that you contract it when you inhale the virus after someone sneezes or coughs nearby. It should be noted that th (MORE)

What are all the NBA basketball teams

Their are 30 teams in the NBA. Eastern ConferenceAtlanta HawksBoston CelticsCharlotte BobcatsChicago BullsCleveland CavaliersDetroit PistonsIndiana PacersMiami HeatMilwaukee B (MORE)

What are the fingers of the feet called

Great question. The digits of the foot are called toes. Only tetrapod (four-limbed) vertebrates have toes. There are five toes on each foot. Four consist of three phalanx bone (MORE)

How many ounces is a tall at Starbucks

A tall Starbucks is considered the small size and is 12 ounces. The Grande is the medium size and is 16 ounces. The Venti is the large size and is 20 ounces.
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How many flights of stairs does the Eiffel tower have

Paris France's Eiffel tower is 1665 stairs from bottom to top. It reaches over 1,000 feet tall, the tallest structure in Paris. You can't actually take the stairs all the way (MORE)
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Top-Rated PC Gamepads

If you are a PC gamer, then you know the importance of the right accessories. Some games require the perfect mouse, whereas others need a quality joystick. Action and fighting (MORE)