Norse goddess of fate

There isn't one, but multiple; The Norns are female entities that rule over the destiny of men as well as other gods. Supposedly the Norns appear when a person is born and det (MORE)

How many books has Roald Dahl written

Roald Dahl wrote 17 children's stories, 2 adult fiction novels, 2 adult short story collections, and 7 non-fiction books throughout his lifetime. This totals 28 books and stor (MORE)

When you say my name I disappear

"Silence" is the answer to this riddle. When you speak the word "silence", then of course the environment is no longer silent, but is filled with your voice. Thus, silence dis (MORE)
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What is a makeup haul

A "makeup haul" is a phrase commonly tossed around on social sharing sites such as blogs, vlogs and youtube. It is a way of updating readers or viewers on your makeup collecti (MORE)
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Understanding the Original Wasteland Video Game

"I remember bits and pieces of the original, but my strongest memory is a sense of fear and dread." This quote, from Mike Sharkey of GameSpy, encapsulates why the original Was (MORE)