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Nicknames of Atlanta

Did you mean: Nicknames of Atlanta, The A's (1979 Album by The A's)

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Nicknames of Atlanta (EP)

Love on the Line (EP)
EP by Whitecross
Released January 15, 1988
Genre Christian Metal
Label Star Song
Whitecross chronology
Love on the Line (EP)
Hammer & Nail
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CCM Magazine (not rated)[1]

Love on the Line: The 6.98 EP was a $6.98 EP recording from the Christian metal band Whitecross. It was never released on CD; it was only released on cassette tape & 12" vinyl record formats. Tracks 1 and 2 are new, and were never included on any future Whitecross albums (to date). Tracks 3 and 4 are taken from the Whitecross debut album. Track 1 can also be found on a few compilations which are available on CD (Testify & Heavy Righteous Metal compilations). Track 2 is available on CD as a bonus track on the Japanese version of In the Kingdom. The B-side repeats the four songs from the A-side.

CCM magazine stated that the lyrics showed that the band had an "evident evangelistic zeal."[1]


Track list

  1. Love on the Line (6:02)
  2. I Believe (3:59)
  3. No Way I'm Goin' Down (4:11)
  4. Enough Is Enough (4:01)

Band members

  • Scott Wenzel - Vocals
  • Rex Carroll - Guitars
  • Mark Hedl - Drums
  • Jon Sproule - bass


  • Producer (new songs): Rex Carroll
  • Executive Producer: Gavin Morkel


  1. ^ a b Donaldson, Devlin; Steve Rabey (September 1988). "Metal Reviews". CCM Magazine 11 (3): 47–48. 


Did you mean: Nicknames of Atlanta, The A's (1979 Album by The A's)



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