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What if you dream about the ocean?

This could mean that you might take a trip to the ocean soon, or you want to visit the ocean. It might sound gross-but you might have to go to the bathroom. LOLZ

What is meaning keep dreaming being out deep in the ocean?

This sounds as if you are in a situation that you feel unequipped to handle. Being out deep in the ocean may be a clear metaphor for being "in over your head." You are worried and feeling overwhelmed, without seeing a clear way out of your situation.

How much is the ocean dream diamond worth?

The Ocean Dream owned by Cora Diamond Corporation, is currently visible in the Smithsonian's exhibit of diamonds (below). This more than five carat stone is exceedingly rare, given its natural blue-green colour. Blue diamonds of this size sell for multi-millions of dollars (US), so this one would

What does it mean to dream about driving off the road and fall into the ocean?

Dreams often present stories as metaphors. Driving is a common metaphor for the process of life, or the "direction" one is going in life. The frightening end of this dream suggests that the dreamer is headed for trouble if the current conditions continue. The message of this dream is that it is time

Who is oceane-dreams?

Idk if there is any other believe it or not but the only Ocean Dreams I kno of is the preteen model. I kno you probably think in messed up in the head but my friend is a preteen model and she told me about her. Shes 13 and so am I. Like I said its might not be what your asking for but its all I kno.

What is oceane-dreams model real name?

The model who goes by Oceane Dreams keeps her work and homeseparate it seems. She has not released anything publicly about herpersonal life or birth name.