What is a super heterodyne receiver?

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A superheterodyne receiver is a Radio Frequency receiver method that multiplies the received signal frequency with a local oscillator frequency to get frequencies that are the sum and difference of the 2 frequencies. For example, if the received signal is 5MHz and the local oscillator frequency is 4MHz, they are multiplied together. 1MHz and 9MHz frequencies would be gotten. Usually the 1MHz is the Intermediate Frequency (IF). It will be admitted (through a band pass filter) later passed through the required electronic circuits for proper processing. There is also the method of the Variable Tuned Filter.
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What is the difference between heterodyning and superheterodyning?

When you combine signals of the same or different frequencies. The resulting energy will be each original frequency and the sum of the frequencies and a frequency that is the difference of the two signals. This is the basis of heterodyning. This allows us to take an information signal and "upconvert" it to the RF realm for transmission. But the same processes can be used to "downconvert" or to beat one signal against the other to get a lower frequency representation of the energy.. After hererodyning came out, newer radios were sold as superheterodyning as a marketing ploy.. Sorry, but it is not more complex than that. This was back in the early 20th century and the idea of fair marketing or truthful processes were not legal issues like today.. Have a nice day. Bob

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Why super heterodyne radio receivers are called 'super'?

When two frequencies are "mixed" the sum and the difference frequencies are produced. These frequencies are called heterodynes. If these frequencies are outside the range of human hearing they are said to be supersonic. The full name of a superhet receiver is supersonic heterodyne. This receiver uses a mixer to produce an intermediate frequency outside the range of human hearing. Before superhets were in common use, but following from the old crystal set was an amplified form of the crystal set, called the 'Tuned Radio Frequency" receiver, or "TRF" for short. With many TRF receivers, a control called 'regeneration' controlled the gain of the RF amplifier, and could be turned up to the point that the entire radio set became unstable and oscillated, usually at the frequency you were tuned to. With the gain set just below the point of oscillation, these receivers were very sensitive. For listening to morse code signals, the control would be advanced just into the oscillation stage, and the difference in frequency between the received signal and the receiver's oscillation became a 'beat note', or a beeping sound, that was easy to receive in noisy conditions. This form of reception became known as 'heterodyne reception', and this type of radio was called a 'regenerative receiver'. Problem was, this operation usually required 3 hands, a still room and a lot of patience. Once tuned, the radio would drift in frequency, or burst into loud screaming oscillation, seemingly for no apparent reason. Sometime later, the 'super-regenerative' receiver was developed in an effort to simplify operation and these were used up into VHF frequencies into the early '30's. Eventually, with the development of better radio tubes and more elaborate design, the suphet rapidly became the most popular, as it was so easy to use. At last, you only needed one hand to operate a radio. And you could walk away and come back and it was still tuned to the station. This was the '30's where radios found their way into every westerner's living room, bringing news and entertainment to the masses (that could afford it). By the 60's, we all had 'transistors', and the superhet was everywhere. Now, most of us have TV, cable or satellite. And you know which process they all still use to turn the RF signal into a video signal that the screen can display? Just testing!

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