What is the winthrop theory in relation to hiding things?

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WinthropTheory Long Term. These are likely to be well-cited, waterproof constructions that are used for long term storage of resources. Transit. Transit hides are usually built for a specific operation and provide storage en route to a target location. They are normally conveniently marked and cited for a person to find. Winthrop Theory. Winthrop Theory uses the basic requirements of hides and, in particular, the need for reference points to identify possible hide locations. Once a search area has been identified, viewing the ground from the enemy's viewpoint, selecting likely reference points and associated potential hide sites all help to focus the efforts of the search teams. Typical reference points include: (1) Telegraph poles, gates, barriers and pylons
(2) Trees and bushes
(3) Ends, corners or gaps in fences, walls and hedges
(4) Road signs and street furniture
(5) Distinctive objects such as large rocks or abandoned cars, etc.
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What is the winthrop theory?

It's a Military theory that goes something like this.. In Game "Hide & Seek". If you don't know what you're looking for. you're unlikely to find it.. It then goes on to detail Hide & Seek Methods from several positions.

Does a fox need things to hide in?

um... well, yes and no cause they do need some shade and place to play ( cause they are very,very,and very hyper) but they do not really need one cause they can get shade and play under the sofa or under your bed. P.S: Hope this helped

Why do people hide things?

So that the thing isn't found. E.g. 'oh no the police are coming where shall i put my weed'... 'i will hide it under my wig.'

Where did Winthrop theory in relation to hiding things originate from?

The Winthrop Theory was developed in 1964 by a British Army officer Lt Winthrop who was tasked by his superiors to find out why it was not possible to find terrorist resources. He set about working out how to find them and to look at hides and why items were placed there. He worked out that terroris

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the government is hiding a lot of things from us. one of them are extraterrestrial proof. now, the reason that they are hiding that from us is because they don't want to scare the public. they know that if they told us the real hidden truth about extraterrestrials, a lot of people are going to panic

Two things Charles Darwin did not know in relation to his theory?

The mechanism of heredity and the age of the earth. The mechanism of heredity Darwin cane up with, blending, was severely challenged and gave Darwin much worry, though Mendel soon had the answer to heredity. The age of the earth that had been set at the time worried Darwin also as evolution by natur

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The best place is if you have a playstation 2, turn it around and there's a part called the 'expansion bay' if you take that cover off there is like a space about half the size of the playstaion that is just empty so u can put heeeaaps of things in there (:, or if you have venitian blinds (the woode

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Usually you can get away with under your bed, but one good place is in the corner of your closet. If its something thin or a note you can put it in your pillow case.;

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I hope this what you mean; I will cut and paste part of one of my sites that are printer CSS: body { background: #fff; color: #000; font-family: "Times New Roman", serif: font-size: 12pt; } a { text-decoration: underline; } #head { text-align: center; } #pagetitle { disp

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