What nationality is John Williams the composer?

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John Williams is American.
John Williams is an American composer.
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What films did John Williams compose for?

Famous for composing the music from: Indiana jones harry potter star wars Jurrasic Park E.T Superman Jaws schindler's list Saving private ryan seven years in t (MORE)
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What did John Williams compose?

He composed the musical scores for Star Wars, Superman, Indiana Jones, Jaws, Home Alone and the first three Harry Potter films.
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What is composer John Williams net worth?

According to Forbes', his net worth is around 15.4 billion. A previous poster has posted this: there is no evidence for this claim on the internet, and ample e (MORE)
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What classical composer influence John Williams?

Probably every one he's ever heard. A film composer has to be ready to write any kind of music a director wants for a scene and a movie. Williams has his own st (MORE)