When you start feeding baby cereal should you give your baby extra water to drink?

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Wouldn't they throw up? cuz i heard too much liquids can make them whoot whoot.. that may be a question to ask your doctor honey but I hope the babys fine good luck!
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What should a baby mouse be feed?

without teeth: don't try to do it yourself, call a petshop, or a wildlife rehabilitator now! With teeth: but a gallon fish tank,mouse food,and heat pad. Turn the hat pad on low, place the tank on-top of the heating pad, place two to four inches of shredded toilet paper in the bottom of the tank, cut the center of a toilet paper roll in half to make a tunnel, place one half under a thin layer of paper, the other half on-top of the shredded paper, and then get a water/soda bottle cap, place inside of a jam jar cap or a larger lid (to catch any water that is spilled, and fill center cap ONLY with CLEAN water. Now get some cheese (American) tear into four quarters, and then put two quarters aside in the fridge, and one quarter in the half tunnel on top of the paper, and the other in the burred tunnel. Please contact me at nikkie.tate@yahoo.com for ANY more questions.

What should you feed baby rabbits?

Baby rabbits should drink their mother's milk. Once they're weaned (at about 6 weeks), baby rabbits should have unlimited access to three things: . water . alfalfa hay, or an alfalfa-grass mix (like alfalfa-timothy) . high-quality pellets (see question below for details about pellets) At 12 weeks, small amounts of fresh dark leafy greens (like romaine lettuce) can be introduced. Always introduce new foods carefully. Start with just a bite or two, and stick to one new food at a time (wait a week or two before the next new food). Day by day, little by little, increase the portion size. Baby rabbits don't need a big salad: only about 1/2 ounce for an average-sized baby (baby giant breeds, a bit more; baby dwarf breeds, a bit less). At 6 months , tiny amounts of fresh fruit and non-leafy vegetables (like carrot) can be introduced as a treat. A small bite or two is enough! Too many treats will make a rabbit sick. Between 7 and 13 months , rabbits should slowly transition to an adult diet. See the related links/questions below for details and helpful info.

What age do you start babies on cereal?

You can start your baby on cereal at about four months. Mix it with a bit of formula or breast milk. If he doesn't like it or it seems he is spitting it all out, wait a week and try again. Always consult your pediatrician first to confirm that your baby is ready.

When does a baby hamster start drinking from the water bottle?

Probably when it starts walking around and its eyes are open. As far as I know, most baby mammals don't start to drink water until they are almost completely weaned. Guinea pigs would have to be an exception though; their babies are precocious and drink water from a bottle a day or two after birth.

My hamster is not feeding her baby what should you do?

I think your hamster is feeding the baby..but maybe you doesn't realise it or doesn't know it...Hamster are nocturnal, they sleep in the day and wake up in the night.http://wiki.answers.com/Are_hamster_a_nocturnal_animals#ixzz19q8JCj2v

When do baby gerbils start drinking water?

if the gerbil is a pet, it will mostly take a couple hours, or even some minutes. if not, show him that the water is for drinking, and he will most likely investigate, and then drink.

When should newborn babies start drinking water?

In general, it's not a good idea to give your baby water until he's about 6 months old. Until then, he'll get all the hydration he needs from breast milk or formula, even in hot weather. Giving a baby younger than 6 months old too much water can interfere with his body's ability to absorb the nutrients in breast milk or formula. It can also cause his tummy to feel full, which curbs his desire to feed. (While small sips of water probably won't hurt your baby, it's best to check with his doctor before hand during those first six months.) My mother has had 4 kids. Being the second I've watched 2 grow up, i know this from experience my mom is very finicky about giving her children the foods and drinks they need at the right time.

How much of the baby rice cereal do you feed a baby Robin?

It depends on the age and if they are new to starting on thicker milk/formula. Start gradually thickening it up. they say to start at 4 months but my son born at almost 10 lbs was only sleeping 2 hrs at a time at 3 months of age. I put a little rice cereal in his bottle and he slept sooo good. I felt bad right away thinking I must have been starving the poor lil guy. there was such a drastic difference. Good thing too, cause after not getting more than 2 hrs sleep at a time for weeks I was starting to go a lil bonkers!!