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Arnold Henry Glasow (notice no second g in last name) was born in Fond-du-lac, Wisconsin in 1905, and died in Freeport, IL in 1998 at age 93. He graduated from Ripon College, and started his own business when he moved to Freeport just after the depression. His business was a humor magazine that he marketed to firms nationally, which firms would turn it into their "house organ" to send to their customers. He carried on this business for over 60 years, publishing his first book at age 92. The book is titled, "Glasow's Gloombusters," one of the many titles he put on his work during his career. He was cited frequently in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, the Chicago Tribune and many other major organs. He was a regular contributor to the humor sections of Reader's Digest. Sixty years of productive work. Many attributions. A real American thinker, self-effacing and generous of spirit, he shunned the national spotlight.
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Where is Glasgow?

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland. It is in the Lieutenancy of Glasgow, and the police and fire districts of Strathclyde. Population: 578,790. It used to be in Renfrewshire before the local government restructure in 1974. Scotland West central Scotland on the river Clyde. . In the West of Scotland, on the River Clyde some 26 miles up-river from the Estuary (Firth of Clyde). Glasgow is a city in Scotland, UK. On the banks of the River Clyde, in west central Scotland.

What were the Glasgow tenements?

The tenements in Scotland weren't just in Glasgow but in most of the cities. They were (are) terraced blocks with usually six or seven flats in each block. They would either have outside toilets or shared toilets on each landing. They didn't have any bathing facilities. The remaining blocks have now been modernised and have private baths, showers and toilet facilities.

What is the monument in Glasgow?

There are many monuments in Glasgow. Amongst them is the ScottMonument, the Arthur Wellesley monument, the Donald Dewar Monumentand many others.

When was Glasgow bombed?

On 13th and 14th of March 1941, German bombers attacked the Clydeside area. The bombing was concentrated on Clydebank though some bombs fell wide of the target. There were 260 bombers on the first night - waves of high-explosive bombs, incendiary bombs and land-mines were dropped over a nine-hour period. The second night, 200 bombers returned. Their bombing raid lasted over seven and a half hours. Over the two days 528 civilians were killed, over 617 people were seriously injured, and several housing schemes were completely wiped out; 48,000 civilians lost their homes.

What is a town in Glasgow?

There are loads of towns in and around Glasgow. Some include Paisley (very near Glasgow Airport), East Kilbride (has Scotland's largest shopping centre), Ayr and Troon which have stunning beaches, Prestwick which has the secondary airport, Ardrossan which has a ferry link to Arran and Motherwell which is home to Glasgow's only theme park M&Ds.

How do you get from prestwick to Glasgow?

If you mean Prestwick Airport, there is a rail link from the airport to Central Station. If you mean the town Prestwick, Prestwick Railway Station is on the same line as the airport station and travels to Central Station as well.

What is Glasgow?

Glasgow is a major Scottish city on the banks of the River Clyde.