10 Totally Simple Inventions That Completely Changed Your Life

In the 1500's graphite was used for marking sheep in Cumbria, England. People thought it was a form of lead and the word stuck. It is non-toxic although in the 1800's peopl (MORE)

The Only 5 Ways to Get Really Rich

Living a rich life is not about how much you earn or spend. It's about your capacity to examine life, discernment between good and bad pleasures, smart spending decisions, and (MORE)
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8 Problems If Solved Will Make You Billions

The Chinese government and other privately-owned companies are attempting to produce clean coal. The idea is to extract carbon dioxide from coal plants and channel it into an (MORE)

12 Words to Permanently Erase from Your Vocabulary

"Literally" is both incredibly overused and rampantly misunderstood, largely due to Rob Lowe's character on "Parks and Recreation." You should only use it to describe somethin (MORE)
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