What is a Mutual Fund?

Mutual funds offer investors the opportunity to pool their assets, achieve investment diversity by spreading the risk over numerous investments, and to enlist the use of a fin (MORE)

What is an Index Fund?

All forms of investing come with a warning: investing involves risk to the capital you invest. Mutual funds make this very clear. Index funds do a great service to the average (MORE)

Mutual Funds: investing in fixed income

Every investment advisor suggests diversity in a portfolio. To achieve this goal in a mutual fund portfolio, fixed income or bond mutual funds offer the investor this all-impo (MORE)

The importance of a mutual fund portfolio

Building an investment portfolio of individual handpicked securities such as stocks or bonds takes an enormous amount of time and energy. Using mutual funds to build a portfol (MORE)

What Are the Contribution Limits for Traditional IRAs?

A traditional individual retirement account (IRA) allows working Americans the opportunity to build long term wealth for retirement with tax deductible contributions. The cont (MORE)

What is an actively managed mutual fund?

Mutual funds offer the investor an unique opportunity. How the investor uses that opportunity depends on numerous factors: who you are, what you hope to achieve and more impor (MORE)

A Traditional IRA: 9 Facts You Should Know

A Traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA) has been an essential part of retirement planning ever since its inception in 1975 (when it was originally known as a Regular (MORE)