What is tuition remission?

Tuition remission / remittance is the setting aside responsibility of payment due for education rendered. Essentially, if a school says "We offer 100% tuition remittance," t (MORE)

Who pays for scholarship?

The funding for a scholarship depends on where the scholarship is being offered. State scholarships are usually funded by the government. The scholarships you can find on the (MORE)

How are funds wired from one bank to another?

Answer "Wire Transfers?" Say your bank is B1, the bank the money is coming from is B2. B2 has to ask permission from B1 if a wire transfer is acceptable. B2 then has to send t (MORE)

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How do you change from one mutual fund to another?

If both funds are in the same fund "family", you can do an "Exchange". Else you have to sell the fund you own, wait to get the proceeds, and buy the one you want. You can ei (MORE)

Taxable Forms of Retirement Income

The fact that you are retired from working and ready to relax and enjoy your retirement does not mean that you are guaranteed a tax-free existence. Check with your tax profess (MORE)