Are safety products sold at Mothercare UK Limited?

There are many safety accessories that parents may need or want when expecting a new child, including baby monitors, bed guards, sun safety necessities, gates and playpens. Mothercare UK Limited offers many attractive and durable designs and sizes of these items.

Does Mothercare UK Limited sell outdoor toys?

There are many options for outdoor toys at Mothercare including bikes, playhouses, play centers, and sand pits. You'll find a selection of sports related toys as well as swings, trampolines, and toys for playing in water. Mothercare also carries bouncy castles and slides.

Are accessories for pushchairs available at Mothercare UK Limited?

Mothercare UK Limited offers many accessories that parents may need when traveling with a pushchair. Stroller blankets, changing bags, travel toys, and head support pillows are options. Customers can browse all of the pushchair accessory options by clicking on the Pushchairs Link, located on the homepage.

Does Mothercare UK Limited offer bedding sets?

Mothercare UK Limited offers several designs in beddings sets. These sets will include matching bedding, including sheets, blankets, crib bumper, stuffed animal, lamp shade, and a mobile. Bedding sets will all contain matching designs and each item will be priced separately, so customers will be able to choose what items they need.

What is Mothercare UK Limited's return policy?

Items that need to be returned can be done so by returning the item to the store is what from, or by mailing the product to Mothercare UK Limited directly. There is no problem returning items that have been bought within 28 days.

Does Mothercare UK Limited have an app?

The Mothercare UK Limited is a great app for customers who want to learn more about their products. The app allows customers to browse products, watch videos about products, find store information, and has features for future moms. These features include checklists, baby songs, and pregnancy information for every week.

Does Mothercare UK Limited sell bath accessories?

Mothercare offers many bath accessories including bathtubs and bath thermometers. Nail and hair care products are available and you can browse this category by clicking on the Bathing and Changing section on the website. There are also newborn starter kits that offer everything new parents need for bathing their child.

What maternity clothing does Mothercare UK Limited sell?

Mothercare UK Limited sells a variety of maternity clothing, including tops, pants, sleepwear, sleep bras and lingerie. They also sell nursing bras and maternity jeans, swimwear, dresses, and socks. Mothers can choose nursing tops, blouses, maternity jumpers, and vests.

Does Mothercare UK Limited sell nursery furniture?

Mothercare UK Limited sells all the furniture that will be needed to furnish a room for a new baby. Beds, mattresses, dressers, changing tables, and rocking chairs are all sold at Mothercare UK Limited. There is also furniture for playtime activities and safety accessories for bedrooms.

What bedroom furnishings does Mothercare UK Limited sell?

There are many bedroom furnishings sold by Mothercare UK Limited. There are bedding sets, sheets, blankets, quilts, and crib bumpers. Mothercare UK Limited also offers lighting options, frames, and curtains and blinds. Many of the furnishings will come in several designs, so it will be possible for customers to have matching bedroom furni (MORE)

Does Mothercare UK Limited sell baby health products?

Mothercare UK Limited sells many baby health products that are necessary as a child grows. Medicine, humidifiers, thermometers and toiletries and accessories are sold. Customers can also choose sun safety and dental care accessories that may be needed for babies and toddlers.

Does Mothercare UK Limited have gift cards?

Mothercare UK Limited offers gift cards and e vouchers that can be used online. Customers can choose the dollar amount, the design on the card, and enter a message to the recipients for online vouchers. Customers can receive a traditional gift card or have the gift card emailed to them.

What baby keepsakes does Mothercare UK Limited sell?

There are several types of baby keepsakes that parents can choose from, including hand print keepsakes. Customers can buy kits that allows them to make a hand and foot print using ceramics. Customers can also choose frames, and personalized baby books.

What playtime furniture does Mothercare UK Limited sell?

Customers can choose from a variety of toys and playtime furniture that can help stimulate children's growth. There are many options to choose from in activity stations, including jumpers, walkers, and activity mats. Mothercare UK Limited also offers jumpers for doorways and mobiles for cribs.

Does Mothercare UK Limited have coupons?

Mothercare UK Limited offers coupons and discounts to customers that sign up for the Mothercare program. Offers and coupons are sent to customer's emails, and then can be used on Mothercare UK Limited's products. Mothercare also occasionally puts products on clearance or does combination deals on clothing.

Does Mothercare UK, Ltd. sell feeding essentials?

There are many feeding essentials that can be purchased from Mothercare UK, including breastfeeding necessities. Mothercare offers bottles, pacifiers, highchairs, and cups. Breastfeeding supplies include breast pumps, feeding pillows, nursing covers, nipple shields, breast pads, and storage bags for milk.

Does Mothercare UK Limited offer a catalog?

Customers who are interested in seeing more products from Mothercare UK Limited can request a catalog be sent to them. Customers will receive a catalog with products for the most recent season within 3-4 weeks. Customers can also view an online catalog on their website.

What is Mothercare UK Limited's contact information?

There are several ways to contact Mothercare UK Limited, including e-mail and by phone. Mothercare UK Limited's phone number is 0844 875 5222. Customers with comments and concerns can click on Contact Us at the bottom of the homepage. The website also has help section with feedback from customers that may answer your questions with no nee (MORE)

Does Mothercare UK Limited rent breast pumps?

You can rent a Medela Symphony breast pump through Mothercare. There is a charge for the initial 14 days of rental and then for every 30 days after the initial period. To rent this breast pump call 0161 776 0400 to get started.

What types of clothing does Mothercare UK Limited carry?

Mothercare has clothing for both the baby and for mothers to be. They have a full line of maternity wear from casual clothes to work clothes, and even lingerie. They also have clothes for babies and kids including everything you need for a newborn up to kids ages 5 to 8.

What is Babyplan from Mothercare UK Limited?

Babyplan is a program where you can plan ahead and budget for the products you will need for your new baby. You can set up the Babyplan and spread the cost out over 6 months. There is no interest and no credit check required.

What is the Mothercare UK Limited price match promise?

Mothercare promises to match the price of any product if you find it lower at certain retailers. This applies to any branded product whether it is found online or in a store. If you find a lower price, you can contact Mothercare with the product and the retailer.

What is a gift list through Mothercare UK Limited?

You can create a gift list once you have registered for items for your new baby. This list is a summary of the products you need and can be sent to your friends and family to they can see what you need. The gift lists are also available in the stores.

How do I make a purchase from a Gift List?

To make sure you are purchasing from a Gift List created for Mothercare UK Limited, click on the link that was sent to you from the owner of the list. Once you decide on an item to purchase, click to add it to your basket. You can then follow the procedure for checking out.

What is a wish list?

A wish list from Mothercare UK Limited is a list of items you want for a certain event. It can be a birthday, christening or any other even. You can create the list and then send the link with items from the list to your friends so they know what you want.

What is click and collect?

Click and collect is a delivery program offered through Mothercare UK Limited. Once you make a purchase online, you can choose to have your order delivered to your home, your work, or to a local store so you can pick it up there.

What brands of pushchairs does Mothercare UK Limited carry?

Mother care has a variety of pushchairs available. They carry models from brands such as Graco, Silver Cross, and Mothercare. They also have strollers from Baby Jogger, Chicco, and Babyzen as well as Lollipop Lane and Koochi. You can choose from travel systems and pram systems.

What types of girl dresses can I buy from Debenhams?

You can buy a vast range of girls dresses from Debenhams in a variety of cuts and bright, vibrant colors. Choose from dresses with splashes of colors, floral prints, ruffled skirts, and ribbon pattern designs. Color options include green, black, blue, cream, multicolored, yellow, pink, and purple.

Can I register for a gift list at Mothercare?

You can easily set up a gift list at Mothercare. You can put any baby items that you want on your list. Once your list is complete you can send it out to your family and friends so they know exactly what you want for your new baby.

What is My Mothercare?

My Mothercare is a rewards system from Mothercare UK Limited. As a member you will receive vouchers for discounts as well as a discount on toys on your child's next birthday. You can also find out about upcoming sales, and get offers for spa days and meals out.

How can I contact Mothercare UK Limited?

There are a few ways you can get in touch with Mothercare. You can contact them through email by clicking on the Contact Us button at the bottom of the home page. From here you can click on Email Us. They are also available by phone, or you can find a store near you.

Does Mothercare UK offer any payment plans?

Mothercare offers 2 types of payment plans including a 6-month buy now, pay later plan and a 6-month interest-free credit plan. All available products in the Mothercare range can be purchased under either plan, and it only takes about 15 minutes to complete the application.

Does Mothercare UK operate a gift list service?

When a customer registers an account with Mothercare, they can create a gift list of items they would like for their newborn baby. Account holders will have the option of emailing their gift list to family and friends who can then decide what they would like to buy, and have it delivered to their own or the recipient's address.

What is Mothercare UK's Price Match promise?

Mothercare strives to match the prices of certain branded products that are offered by select retailers in the UK. When a customer finds an identical branded product for less than what Mothercare is charging, they will match the lower price.

What range of maternity swimwear does Mothercare UK offer?

Mothercare offers maternity swimsuits, tankinis and bikinis in UK sizes 8 to 20. Some of the swimsuits come with adjustable straps to accommodate your changing figure throughout pregnancy. The Mothercare range of maternity swimwear can be machine washed at 40 degrees Celsius.