Why were so many Americans influenced by manifest destiny?

The study of history places the historian in a delicate situation. In many cases the result is to take current ideas and plant them in the minds of persons that existed in the (MORE)

How much did a roman gladiator get paid each year compared to a roman soldier?

Gladiators were slaves and slaves are not paid. Many were captured men from battles with Rome. The best they could expect is freedom from the slavery. If they got that far bef (MORE)

Did Europe accept the Monroe Doctrine?

In December of 1823, US President James Monroe issued what is called the Monroe Doctrine. It was a warning that Europeans should refrain from becoming involved in what Monroe (MORE)

What effect did the printing press have on the spread of information?

Before the invention of the press books were only owned by the church. Kings, and wealthy. In general people could not read and were told bible stories through the church. The (MORE)
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Grand Old Party Favors: Top Right-wing Jokes

The recent political election was rife with jokes referring to the Republican base. With a hard-fought primary between a series of seven interesting personalities, and a vice- (MORE)
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The President in Pictures: Candid Photos of Obama

President Barack Obama has quickly become one of the most iconic politicians in U. S. history. Like those who served in the office before him, Obama is a complex leader with m (MORE)
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Social Media Humor: Best Jokes About Facebook

The moment that Facebook started its meteoric rise to the top of the social media world, there began to be hilarious Facebook jokes everywhere. Some of the following Facebook (MORE)
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Most Politically Incorrect Joke Sites

While offensive jokes are normally just that -- offensive -- occasionally well-timed, off-color joke goes over well. If you are interested in political jokes, there are dozens (MORE)