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What is land?

Land is that part of the Earth that is not covered withwater. . Land is a thing that people live on. Land is one of the mostuseful things that we have on Earth.
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What land forms are in grass lands?

Grasslands are mostly very flat, open spaces, with very fewlandforms. But, you can find small rivers and streams. Near theseplaces you can find a few trees and bushes.
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What rhymes with land?

1 syllable and , band , banned , bland , brand , brande , canned , chand , fanned , gland , grand , grande , hand , land , lande , manned , panned , pla ( Full Answer )
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Why is there a dip in the land?

There is a dip in the land from where the aral sea once was, it cleary had move in waves and created the curvacious bottom that there is today
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What is the red land and black land?

The Black Land is the area around the Nile River that is black because of the soil being so rich and dark in mineral. The Red land is mostly in the Sahara Desert, and is re ( Full Answer )
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Can a mallard duck land on land?

Ducks can land anywhere. They prefer to take off and land in water, because they are water birds. Water makes a softer landing than land, too! If they have to land on the grou ( Full Answer )
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What are the lyrics to this land is your land?

Lyrics . This land is your land, this land is my land From California to the New York Island From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters This land was mad ( Full Answer )
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Land of bandage land of the free?

Ladies and Gentlemen , The tao does not come here tonight to be judge , but to judge . Here his accusations and his sentiments . I indict the Spanish Encomendero f ( Full Answer )
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In 1930 who wrote This Land is Your Land?

Actually it was in 1940, and wrote by American folk singer/songwriter Woody Guthrie . As legend has it, Guthrie wrote the song in response to the hugely popular Irving Berli ( Full Answer )
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Who did this land is your land on HBO's hung?

The band is called "Los Angeles Resource Project". Unfortunately as far as I can tell, they have no album out.
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How do Mars land rovers land?

Some kinda landin' gear comes out. Then it touches down on the red red rocky surface. The rover proceeds to then land and "roll it out" to a nice smooth place. It then explor ( Full Answer )
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How did they get to the new land?

the aztecs got to their new land by boat.thats what some people say.Some say they they go there by actual if you are a 5th grader like i use to be YOU NEED 2 either ta ( Full Answer )
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What is the land from in Iceland?

The land in Iceland comes from volcanoes. They are part of the Mid Ocean Ridge in the center of the Atlantic Ocean. that ridge is slowly pushing Europe and America apart. In I ( Full Answer )
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What is a land brezze?

A land breeze is when a breeze comes from the land and over the ocean!:)
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What is land brezze?

Land breeze is just like sea breeze, but land breeze iscreated during the night. Its cooler.
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What is Marine Land?

Marine Land Is Actually a Fun Marine Amimal (Water Animal) Based Theme Park In Niagara Falls Ont.
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What is a land on a rifle?

More accurately, it would be IN a rifle- inside the barrel. If you look through the EMPTY barrel of a rifle or pistol, you will see spiral lines- the rifling. It consists of G ( Full Answer )
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This land is your land protested what song?

Woody Guthrie's song, Thsi Land is Your Land" was written in response to Irving Berlin's "God Bless America," which Guthrie got tired of hearing Kate Smith sing on the radio.
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How can a blue whale land on land?

It can't on purpose, but sometimes they can get washed up on land when the current is too strong.Then they usually die because they need water like humans need air. They die b ( Full Answer )
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What is 'This Land Is Your Land' about?

This song was written in the dark days of the depression and sent the message that the United States was all one and that it had to work together to overcome the problems it f ( Full Answer )
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What land is called the Land of Opportunity?

The Land of Opportunity was a nickname for the United States, especially during the waves of European immigration in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
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Is Switzerland land or land mass?

Switzerland is a country in Europe. I don't understand what you mean by " land or land mass ".
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What is land surrounded by land?

If it is a country surrounded by land and so having no coast, it issaid to be landlocked. An open of land area surrounded by a forestis called a glade or meadow. You can have ( Full Answer )
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What did the song this land is your land mean?

This song is to exemplify the togetherness of America and it's unity. It means "what belongs to me, belongs to you" and it encourages trust among people.
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What makes a land an agricultural land?

It is reasonably flat or gently hilly, and the soil has to be ideal for growing crops on. Other agricultural land that is not ideal for growing crops on that has highly variab ( Full Answer )
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What are the red lands and the black lands?

The Black Land and the Red Lands were located in Ancient Egypt. The Black Land represented life. The Red Land represented danger
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Was This Land Is Your Land written by a communist?

This Land Is Your Land is a famous American folk song written by Woody Guthrie in 1940. He had sympathetic views towards communism, but was not a communist himself.
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What is to land?

To land is a verb. It means that something or someone is brought to or set on land, often by means of boat or air.
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What is the supreme law of the land land?

This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United ( Full Answer )