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Sentence using land to land?

Answer MakesAeronautical Sense . Is there enough land to land the airplane safely.
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What is land?

Land is that part of the Earth that is not covered withwater. . Land is a thing that people live on. Land is one of the mostuseful things that we have on Earth.
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Land of bandage land of the free?

Ladies and Gentlemen , The tao does not come here tonight to be judge , but to judge . Here his accusations and his sentiments . I indict the Spanish Encomendero f (MORE)
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How can a blue whale land on land?

It can't on purpose, but sometimes they can get washed up on land when the current is too strong.Then they usually die because they need water like humans need air. They die b (MORE)
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What is 'This Land Is Your Land' about?

This song was written in the dark days of the depression and sent the message that the United States was all one and that it had to work together to overcome the problems it f (MORE)
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What land is called the Land of Opportunity?

The Land of Opportunity was a nickname for the United States, especially during the waves of European immigration in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
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What is land surrounded by land?

If it is a country surrounded by land and so having no coast, it issaid to be landlocked. An open of land area surrounded by a forestis called a glade or meadow. You can have (MORE)
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What makes a land an agricultural land?

It is reasonably flat or gently hilly, and the soil has to be ideal for growing crops on. Other agricultural land that is not ideal for growing crops on that has highly variab (MORE)
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What is to land?

To land is a verb. It means that something or someone is brought to or set on land, often by means of boat or air.