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The motor on car is overheating and the radiator cold with plenty of steem from the bleeder and blowing a little from exzaustwhats wrong?

I hate to say it, but if you have steam coming from the exaust, it's probably indicative of engine damage, possibly a blown head gasket. Generally if the radiator is cold, and ( Full Answer )
In Grand Prix GTP

Why when i put water in the potiac gtp it over heats i also changed thermostat and there is no leaks it also ends up bone dry pure steem?

check head gaskets. my 89 grand prix blew one--just a tiny little spot. what happens is the coolant that is circulating through the block runs into the piston chambers and is ( Full Answer )
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How long have steem trains been around?

steam trains have been around in one form or another since the early 1800's but the definitive design features were established in the 1830s and were basically followed since. ( Full Answer )
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Experience of high self steem and low self esteem?

i can give the impact of both high self esteem and low self esteem, If anyone has got high self esteem it will lead to fueling up over confidence and ego which will make that ( Full Answer )
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Is steem bath good for health?

well it clears your nose if its stuffy but other than that it doesnt do much
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What can I do to boost my self steem?

you can look in the mirror everyday and pick out the things that you like about yourself. You can pick out the things that are unique about yourself, and make it beautiful, wo ( Full Answer )
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Is steem bath good for skin?

Steam will allow the body to release toxins but dries the skin so be sure to moisturize after being in steam.
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Can the feeling of inadequacy low self-steem and lack of control of ones life contribute to eating disorders true or false?

Yes, that is the actual reason behind eating disorders. The people who do these things feel that they are not good enough for everyone else and this is one way to make them (t ( Full Answer )
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Is there any difference between steem and hot air?

Steam is gaseous water. Hot air is just air (mostly nitrogen and oxygen and a mix of other things, usually including some water vapour) that is heated. Hot air will likely con ( Full Answer )
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Who invented the steem engine-?

Thomas Savery is the first person to create a patent for the steamengine in 1698.