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How many branches are ther in your government?

Learn some english. "there" not "ther" "there" (see what i did "there") are 3 branches in our government. Go learn some civics please. Tu madre and tu padre .
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Is ther a god?

yes; there is a God and he is loving and kind, he created the sky, water, space, the ground we walk on, HE CREATED THIS WHOLE EARTH. About 2011 yers ago God gave his only son ( Full Answer )
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Is ther a halo movie?

no not yet, but if there will ever be one it would most likely air in 2012 or 2011
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How many teams are ther in NRL?

16 1.Broncos 2.Cowboys 3.Raiders 4.Eels 5.Bulldogs 6.Panthers 7.Sharks 8.Dragons 9.Sea Eagles 10.Rabbitohs 11.Storm 12.Roosters 13.Knights 14.Tige ( Full Answer )
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Do snails lose ther shell?

When snails die, they shrivel up and therefore, come out of their shells. This is why you only see empty shells and not snails on their own - they get eaten by birds.
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Will ther be a fantastic four 3?

Well, that's a really good question but its hard to answere. Mostly because Actor, Chris Evans, is not so sure it will work out. But Jessica Alba and Michale Chicliks really w ( Full Answer )
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Is ther awater dinosaur?

Well, there were marine reptiles that lived and went extinct at the same time as dinosaurs, but they aren't considered dinosaurs by the scientific community. In fact, they wer ( Full Answer )
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Are ther waerwolfs in Peru?

many people have said they have sighted werewolves in places like Peru and Transylvania, but no "scientific evidence" has proved the existence of the creatures so far. persona ( Full Answer )
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How many dance types are ther?

there is a lot of types of dancing. jazz, ballet, tap, show group, acro, hip hop, ballroom, belly, group, contra, Irish, line, and A . Acro dance . Allemande . Arkan ( ( Full Answer )
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Is ther a tails doll curse?

Yes. I believe because, check out my edit to the Who is Tails Doll? Page.
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What different networks topolgies are ther?

1) Star : One Hub conneted to every computer. 2) Bus : One long cable that goes to many computers. 3) Ring : All connected in a ring like network, if one computer crashes t ( Full Answer )
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Did spartan's make ther helmets?

The armour, weapons, tools, and everything else used by the Spartan army was made by a slave class called helots.
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How many states of matter are ther?

There are Six - Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma, Electron soup and Bose-Einstein. Also there are many more
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Why where ther aliens?

think about it logicly we are aliens to them they think we look odd so we are aliens too
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What are the components of ther appendicular skeleton?

This includes all of the bones outside of the axial skeleton (which is made up of the skull, the bones of the inner ear, the hyoid bone and the vertebral column plus its assoc ( Full Answer )
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Is ther a Nintendo Kirby comic?

There is a manga called: Kirby of the Stars: The Story of Dedede Who Lives In Pupupu But it is completely Japanese.
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What is ther oxidation number for nitrogen?

It varies on the compound of nitrogen. -3 in nitrides is the most common. But oxidation number up to +5 is possible.
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Was ther a minimum wage in 1750?

Minimum wage is a modern concept and didn't exist in 1750. In 1750 a person earned whatever he could make off of his crops or labor. At the time 90% of the United States was f ( Full Answer )
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Is ther caffeine in tea?

Some are naturally caffeine free, some contain 100% the caffeine of a cup of coffee. It depends on the type.
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Is ther coffee in coffee cake?

Coffee cake is cake that you have with coffee usually like a sponge cake but can be any cake even cake with coffee flavouring
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Why are ther mutts?

there r mutts because we do not know the type of dog they are so we just call them mutts
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How do sweatshops make ther products?

People in LEDCs are forced to make product by the company . They take very little salary per day ( 50p ) and work for 16 hours a day throughout all the week . People in LEDCs ( Full Answer )
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Is ther a southeast Phoenix gang?

Well, there's a phoenix gang south west, near the poor guy at the south gate. Ask him and he'll explain. This starts the quest, I'm not sure which one, (it's been so long!!)
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Is ther a duck life 4?

no... not yet. although other websites heard about it and made a duck life 4. but its not as good as the ones that were actually made by the creators of the website.
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Can teens smoke at ther home?

If the teen is either 18 or 19 then yes s/he may legally smoke tobacco at their home as far as the law is concerned.
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Are ther any rappers with diabetes?

Ghost face killa and lil boosie ... Phife Dawg described himself as a "funky diabetic" on the track "Oh My God"
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Were ther Minoan pirates?

Quite probably. The Minoan civilization was dependent on sea trade and stopped piracy throughout the Cyclades in order to expand and protect their sea empire, there were proba ( Full Answer )
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How many sacraments of initiation are ther?

In the Roman Catholic Tradition, there are 3. Baptism, Confirmation, and the Eucharist (Holy Communion). In most Protestant churches, Baptism and Communion are the only sacram ( Full Answer )
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How did the Texas Rangers get ther colors?

The Texas Rangers got their colors from the Texas flag. The colors are Red, White, and Blue, the same colors on the American flag.
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How many people where ther in beano?

Loads and loads there were 3 bears ballboy Denis and gnasher billy whiz the bash street kids and loads more I can't remember
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Will ther be next book after brisingr?

Yes there will a Facebook group made a cover and title but on the website it says it's not real and they havn't let out the fourth book yet ( )
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Is ther a tooth fairy in the world?

yes some people have a tooth fairy and some don't. for the people that don't their mum and dad come and take the tooth and leave you something under your pillow. i don't have ( Full Answer )
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Who is ther first killer in the world?

Serial murder predates recorded history. It's as old as mankind itself. One of the earliest killers was Gilles de Rais, a French nobleman, killed hundreds of boys in the early ( Full Answer )
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How do athletes adapt ther sport?

they practice that sport all day and night work at it and always listen to what the coaches tell them. doing this will help them become better. also, if they tell you to run d ( Full Answer )
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Why is ther a leaper year?

Because a calendar year is slightly longer than 365 days (by somewhere around five hours), every four years, a day must be added.