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How many branches are ther in your government?

Learn some english. "there" not "ther" "there" (see what i did "there") are 3 branches in our government. Go learn some civics please. Tu madre and tu padre .
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Is ther a god?

yes; there is a God and he is loving and kind, he created the sky, water, space, the ground we walk on, HE CREATED THIS WHOLE EARTH. About 2011 yers ago God gave his only son (MORE)
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Will ther be a PS4?

yes it will come out in fall 2011
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Is ther awater dinosaur?

Well, there were marine reptiles that lived and went extinct at the same time as dinosaurs, but they aren't considered dinosaurs by the scientific community. In fact, they wer (MORE)
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Are ther waerwolfs in Peru?

many people have said they have sighted werewolves in places like Peru and Transylvania, but no "scientific evidence" has proved the existence of the creatures so far. persona (MORE)
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How many dance types are ther?

there is a lot of types of dancing. jazz, ballet, tap, show group, acro, hip hop, ballroom, belly, group, contra, Irish, line, and A . Acro dance . Allemande . Arkan ( (MORE)
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Is ther a tails doll curse?

Yes. I believe because, check out my edit to the Who is Tails Doll? Page.
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What different networks topolgies are ther?

1) Star : One Hub conneted to every computer. 2) Bus : One long cable that goes to many computers. 3) Ring : All connected in a ring like network, if one computer crashes t (MORE)
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Did spartan's make ther helmets?

The armour, weapons, tools, and everything else used by the Spartan army was made by a slave class called helots.
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Why where ther aliens?

think about it logicly we are aliens to them they think we look odd so we are aliens too
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What are the components of ther appendicular skeleton?

This includes all of the bones outside of the axial skeleton (which is made up of the skull, the bones of the inner ear, the hyoid bone and the vertebral column plus its assoc (MORE)
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Is ther a Nintendo Kirby comic?

There is a manga called: Kirby of the Stars: The Story of Dedede Who Lives In Pupupu But it is completely Japanese.
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Was ther a minimum wage in 1750?

Minimum wage is a modern concept and didn't exist in 1750. In 1750 a person earned whatever he could make off of his crops or labor. At the time 90% of the United States was f (MORE)
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Why is ther space?

Because space is earth formed 4.6 billion years ago so yea cutipies
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Why are ther mutts?

there r mutts because we do not know the type of dog they are so we just call them mutts
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What do ther ribosomes do?

They synthesize proteins in cell.They give surface for it