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What is a hoover cart?

"Hoover cart" -- the remains of the old tin Lizzie being pulled by a mule During part of the great depression of the 1930's when Herbert Hoover was president, many auotomobile ( Full Answer )
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What is a dynamic cart?

A dynamic cart is used to demonstrate the laws of physics. Theyalso provide sample tools in physics. They can be used in aclassroom or in a lab.
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What is the weight of a gas golf cart?

The information below is the dry weight without batteries or modifications direct from the manufacturer. Most often electric golf carts weigh less than gasoline golf carts. ( Full Answer )
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What is a cart?

A cart is a vehicle designed for transport, using 2 wheels and normally pulled by one or a pair of draft animals.
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What is the orange cart?

The Orange Cart is a painting by Armand Coussens which is displayed in The Louvre.
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What is Mario cart?

Mario Kart is a racing game featuring all the Mario characters except Geno (super Mario rpg) and all of the others from that game (like I said super Mario rpg)
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Al a carte?

In cookery, a la carte refers to a menu or a section of a menuhaving dishes listed separately. The dishes in the menu areindividually priced.
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How do you tell the year of a club cart golf cart?

Find the serial number plate on the frame, typically just below the dash on the passenger side. The number will consist of a letter or sometimes two, followed by number. The f ( Full Answer )
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What are pageant carts?

a mobile (medieval) theater mostly made out off wood. Actors also use it in their decor mostly
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What rhymes with carts?

darts . hearts . farts . marts . smarts . starts . parts . charts
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What is a go cart?

A Go cart, or KART as they are now known,is a small racing vehicle to be used only on a race track. They started off in about the late 1950's as a simple frame with a seat for ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with cart?

apart . art . Bart . bleeding-heart . Bogart . cart . chart . counterpart . dart . depart . dustcart . Elkhart . Everhart . flowchart . go-kart . handcart . ha ( Full Answer )
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What is sand carting?

Sand carting is big trucks that deliver sand to our beaches so we don't run out of sand.
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What is a wooden cart?

A two-wheeled 'carriage' made mostly out of wood - actually carriages have 4 wheels and carts have 2 - but nobody cares about being that accurate anymore
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What is housekeeper's cart?

The housekeeper's cart carries the supplies the housekeepers (maids) need to clean a hotel room and prepare it for the next guest.
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How do you do a cart-wheel?

if you write with your left hand you put your left leg out and your left arm up move toward the carpet.if you are right handed you put your right arm up and your rright leg ou ( Full Answer )
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What is medication carts?

Medication carts are the order details for the suggested drugs. When someone is purchasing drugs from a store they usually submit a medication cart.
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Where do you get the cart on Fantage?

Its not there anymore !!! BUT...... go to the orb( in th forest across the river from the grotto)press the map thingy and it will show you a non member train for nons.Get gems ( Full Answer )
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How do you say cart in french?

a cart is 'une charette' (fem.) in French. A shopping cart is 'un chariot' (masc.)
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How old do donkeys have to be to pull a cart?

Whether its a donkey, mule, horse or pony, they should not be doing this kind of work until the age of 3. You can start their training at around 2 but there is a lot of traini ( Full Answer )
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What is a ds flash cart?

Flash carts are a modification card that expands the features of Nintendo DS consoles. It is shaped like a normal game and fits in the top game cartridge slot of the DS. It al ( Full Answer )
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The Donkey Cart by hwang ST?

The Donkey Cart At twenty-five, I was a teacher in a small town in Northwest China. The town was sparsely populated and being so remote, it lacked modern means of communica ( Full Answer )
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What is a NES cart?

(I think) An NES cart is an NES cartridge that are the equivalent of modern day DS chips and Xbox CDs. They contain data, which, when used with an NES, can play a game.
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How do you get into a mine cart?

Push it and you will jump in it. When you are in it you will have to duck and jump
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What is donkey cart?

A donkey cart is simply a small to medium sized cart which ispulled by a donkey. Although these carts can be made of variousmaterials they are most often constructed from wood ( Full Answer )
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What is a casket cart?

Probably, a cart for transporting the casket - for example in the chapel or at the cemetery - is meant. Funeral directors in the US prefer the expression "church truck". Usual ( Full Answer )
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What is the antonym of cart?

One antonym of the verb 'cart' meaning to carry (from one place to another) is: leave (in the sense of 'leave behind')
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How do you work Mario cart channel on Mario cart 7?

First of all you need Wi-Fi. Once you have that you just need to open up the game in the 3DS main menu and when you go to the Mario Kart 7 menu screen go to the bottom and it ( Full Answer )
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Is cart a noun?

Yes, the word 'cart' is both a noun (cart, carts) and a verb (cart, carts, carting, carted). Examples: noun: The man was not watching his cart when it rolled into my car. v ( Full Answer )
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Cart of date what is for?

Capturing a delivery date on the cart page. In order to capture a delivery date, you will need to customize your Shopify Theme.
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What is transfer cart?

transfer cart is one type material handling equipment, use coiltransfer cart, mold transport, ladle transfer car,