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Who is Claire Mason?

Claire Mason is a soulless ginger who has sex with horses in tournaments for fun
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Who is Claire Danes?

The actress Claire Danes was born in New York on April 12th, 1979. She was majoring in psychology at Yale University, but quit to further pursue acting. She played Angela i ( Full Answer )
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Who is Claire kowal?

Claire Kowal is an assistant whale scrubber as a parttime job during the summer of 2008.
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What rhymes with Claire?

Bear, hair, fair, fare, glare, snare, pear, pair, mare, stare, tear, flare, scare (kind of a stretch), layer, share, there, their, they're, chair, dare, flare, eclair, lair, s ( Full Answer )
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What is Claire In Greek?

Claire is my name and I can tell you that Claire is the same in any language as it is in yours. They never change how you pronounce names unless you speak in an accent.
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Who is Claire Holt?

Australian actress, born in 1988. More information is available at the Related Link listed below:
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How did Claire get in the clique?

Claire got in the Pretty Committee after time. She and Massie started to get along.
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What does Claire mean?

Claire is the French form of the feminine name Clara. It comes from the late Latin name Clarus, which means "clear, bright, famous". Claire was popularized by the 13th-century ( Full Answer )
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Who is Claire Coffee?

Claire Coffee (born April 14, 1980) is a young face to the soap opera General Hospital. She is funny, beautiful and happens to be paired up with the hottest man on GH.
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What is Claire Holt?

Claire Holt is an Australian actress who is most known for her role on the TV show H2o Just Add Water not any more she quit to be on another show for season 3 and some other g ( Full Answer )
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How do you beat Claire?

Claire is the final gym leader in Pokémon Silver, Gold andCrystal. She can be challenging, to beat her you could use an icetype.
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Who is Claire Lyons?

Not exactly the most glamorous of the bunch. Claire is frenemies with Massie (sometimes in, sometimes out), which could have something to do with the fact that she isn't as we ( Full Answer )
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Who is Claire huxtable?

Clair Huxtable is the name of a character from the television show,The Cosby Show. She was played by actress, Phylicia Rashad. TheCosby Show aired for 202 episodes.
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Who is Marie Claire?

It is a typical European compound name and should be hyphenated Marie-Claire, a mixture of Marie and Claire. It is also the name of a French Fashion magazine I am curious to k ( Full Answer )
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Where is Claire?

\nIf you are refering to the show Lost, then that question remains a secret. The only facts we know of where she might have gone is with her father, Christan Shepherd, who is ( Full Answer )
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Who are Claire and balin?

Claire and Balin are surnames. There are two entertainers with the first name "Ann" who have the last names Claire and Balin
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What is eau Clair?

Eau Claire is a town on the western side of Wisconsin. The name means clear water... which is why the town celebrates pure water days.
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Who is Claire epstein?

Claire Epstein is a writer in her mid-twenties who lives in Brooklyn. She is primarily known for her fiction writing and humorous audio recordings, but she also writes non-fic ( Full Answer )
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When did Claire get in the clique?

Claire has always been a IN and Out for Massie, in the end of the first, she was both. . But she officialy became in the clique in the third book when Alicia quit. . When Al ( Full Answer )
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What is Claire in french?

C'est Clair - it's evident - l'eau Claire - clean/clear water - Claire is also a girl's name
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Were is Claires accessories?

go to and click on "store locator" and put in your area info and it will show you. They are all over the world!
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Where can you get coupons for Claire?

no but they have sales all the time but you need to go today i went today there having a huge sale everything is 60% to 75% off and buy one get one fifty percent off but today ( Full Answer )
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Who is Claire Victory?

David Law was formerly an employee of ETSA Torrens Island Power Station (now run by AGL). In court, he alleged that as a result of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted from ( Full Answer )
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Where can I get coupons for Clairs?

You can go to the store and sometimes you can get coupons at the end of your reciet if you reach a spending point or you can buy a gift card. Also, sometimes you can google it ( Full Answer )
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How do you defeat Clair?

get and ice or rock for her dragons and get electric for her water types
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Who is Claire talerico?

She is the mother of the Disney channel star of the acclaimed show, Good Luck Charlie, Mia Talerico, the adorable baby, Charlie.
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Who is Claire burran?

Claire Burran now has the name Claire Peacock and was the first woman to race in the doggets. She has 2 kids and is married to Mr. Peacock. Her maiden name is Hayes and she no ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with Clair?

(Er) air/bid/bill of/bus/cab/tram/train/ fare all/bevel/fair and/(hip to) be/magic/market/on the/out of/public/mean/root/ square set/shopping/town/T-/try/word/ square ( Full Answer )
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Where is Clairs located?

Depends where you live, but search it in the website where it says Find Claire's
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What is a paddy Clair?

A Paddy Clair is a sexy beast who all women are attracted to! He has great features and loves the outdoors. He is very athletic and HOT!!! He also loves to play marbles with C ( Full Answer )
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What does CLAIR stand for?

CLAIR can stand for a number of things for example: Council of Local Authorities for International Relations, Center for Library and information Resources, Computational Lingu ( Full Answer )
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How can you beat Clair?

all you need is lvl 40+ pokemon dragon's good, but ice is best) and put the boulders in the holes. use the walkway they created in the lava, and go beat clair! what seem ( Full Answer )
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What is the Gaelic for Claire?

You need to specify Irish Gaelic or Scottish Gaelic : they are two separate languages.
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What is claires at the mall?

a store for teens and young adults to shop until they drop for cuteand stylish clothes ,jewelry, and accessories.
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Is Claire a witch?

Depends on context, if you mean like on TV with powers-no, but someuse that term as slang for those that practice a certain religion.In that context she could be.