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What is the syllabus for CLAT exam for law?

Subject Areas with Weightage: English including Comprehension : 40 Marks General Knowledge/ Current Affairs : 50 Marks Elementary Mathematics : 20 Marks (Numerical ability) Le ( Full Answer )
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Is there coaching center for clat in pune?

There are good coaching centres in Pune for CLAT preparation. Do some research to find the best ones and explore the ways in which one can start preparing for CLAT. Along with ( Full Answer )
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Where you find clat forms in India?

Hello all preparing for CLAT 2010 Entrance Exam. Prepare the following topics.. Legal GK Indian Constitution Legal terms & phrases English Language(Comprehension Pass ( Full Answer )
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Which books you consult for clat?

There are many books. But, the best of all is the Newspaper. Keep reading the newspaper everyday. That's the only way of cracking clat.
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What is the new pattern for clat law entrance exam 2009?

Pattern of questions for admission to UG Courses in CLAT-2014 Total Marks. 200. Total number of multiple-choicequestions of one mark each. 200. Duration of examination. ( Full Answer )
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Do you remember qs that came in the clat 09 gk part?

I REMEMBER. Saras, liver(largest gland) , Kanya dhan, China bridge,Youngest padmashree recepient,First female PM, Geneva conference POW, WPS, Gilt edged securities,Savanna , ( Full Answer )
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Where to get CLAT 2009 question papers?

You can get all previous question papers with answer key and explanation at . tab - Elearning
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What group of animals or birds is a clat?

A clat is a group of worms. Animal groups and babies often have strange names, Bird, cock, hen, hatchling, chick, dissimulation (small birds only), fleet, flight, flock, pa ( Full Answer )
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Which is Best coaching institute for clat in delhi?

AB Tutorials stands as one of the best law institutes for CLAT preparation in India with over 100 students qualified in NLU's in 2013. Over 95% of AB Tutorials' students have ( Full Answer )
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When shall I get online Application Form for CLAT 2012?

The application formsfor CLAT-2012 will be available only after the notifications about the pattern, syllabus, etc. are out, which may be anytime between the last week of Nove ( Full Answer )
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What are the Top colleges that accepts CLAT score?

HI Kanishk, CLAT is widely accepted by many colleges like NLS,NLSIU, UPES school of legal studies, Sharda school of law etc.Since you are looking for CLAT colleges i would hig ( Full Answer )
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Does UPES accepts CLAT score too?

Hi Kanishk, UPES school of legal studies accepts CLAT score, incase you can't make the mark or cut off by UPES then you also havean option to sit for ULSAT to get through this ( Full Answer )