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What is a LAN card?

A LAN (Local Area Network) card is an electronic card that isplaced in an expansion slot on the motherboard. This will allow youto connect your computer to a cable or DSL mode ( Full Answer )
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How does LAN work?

A LAN is a Local Area Network...First you have a computer which links to a network which links to an Internet Service Provider(ISP) like DSL or Cable or something Answer A ( Full Answer )
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What is a LAN?

LAN is a Local Area Network A LAN is the short abbreviation forLocal Area Network. In a LAN you usually have many computersconnected together using ehternet, Wifi, etc. The co ( Full Answer )
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What does a LAN driver do?

Answer . A LAN driver , or a network card driver enables the operating system to communicate with the network card and transmit and receive packets of information acros ( Full Answer )
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What does a LAN do?

it allows for many local computers say in an office to share information on 1 server, 1 internet connection, 1 printer/fax/copier etc.... instead of supling all data to all pc ( Full Answer )
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Advantages of LAN?

LAN Advantages: -Workstations can share peripheral devices like printers. This is cheaper than buying a printer for every workstations. - Workstations do not necessarily nee ( Full Answer )
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What are component of LAN?

1.Network Devices such as Printers,File servers etc.. 2.Network Communication Devices hubs,routers,switches.. 3.Network Interface Cards. 4.Cables. 5.Network Operating Syst ( Full Answer )
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What are the disadvantages of LAN?

LAN Disadvantages: • Special security measures are needed to stop users from using programs and data that they should not have access to. (user login/password protectio ( Full Answer )
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How is LAN implemented?

LAN (Local area network) connects devices (computers) that arewithin a relatively small geographical are like a room or abuilding. The most popular connection technology for L ( Full Answer )
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Use of lan?

LAN refers to a Local Area Network. The LAN is used to networkcomputers within a limited area like school, building or computerlaboratory by using the network media.
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How do you troubleshoot LAN?

You have to be more specific than that. There are hundreds off different things that can go wrong with a lan. You can have problems because of faulty hardware, you can have pr ( Full Answer )
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What is an example of LAN?

I do not know what are the examples of LAN the one you need to know the examples of LAN is YOU!
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What are LANs?

LAN stands for Local Area Network. A computing term for a method of connecting computers, generally using wires, and generally in the one building.
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How do you creat a LAN?

If you dont know anything about LAN's I would suggest you get this book. Computer Networks by Andrew S. Tanenbaum Its a bit pricey but this book is the ultimate when it ( Full Answer )
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How to build a LAN?

That's not a question that anybody can really answer without some additional info. Whats the budget? Whats the purpose of this LAN? How many computers are going to be on this ( Full Answer )
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What does a lan does?

A "LAN" stands for Local Area Network. It's just what it sounds like. A group of private computers that are connected by a common private network. If you have 2 computers in y ( Full Answer )
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What is LAN tester?

A LAN tester is a circuit used to check the LAN cables. They runfor approximately $41.00 in most electronic stores.
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What is a lan fax?

This is different from traditional faxing. LAN faxing is routed through the Internet instead of analog phone lines. Using your Internet connected PC, you can sens and receive ( Full Answer )
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What is v lan?

It's an ID tag that's applied to a switch port (or other network equipment) that allows devices to be segrigated to v (virtual) LANs. It can be setup so that devices think the ( Full Answer )
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What is hyper lan?

( HI gh PER formance R adio LAN ) A wireless LAN protocol developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) that is similar in function to Wi-Fi in th ( Full Answer )
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What is lan jiao?

Lan jiao is a very common word that comes from Chinese's "懒叫", which means male's reproduction organ, Penis.
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How do you connect to a LAN?

by going into your computers settings....then smashing it up and letting all your rage out, that should let you connect. if it doesnt trying doing this to your WiFi and also y ( Full Answer )
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What is a LAN and WAN?

A LAN is a local area network, meaning it is confined to one place. LAN (Local Area Network) is a computer network covering a smallgeographic area, like a home, office, school ( Full Answer )
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What is wired LAN?

That is a LAN with cables as opposed to wireless LAN without cables. Network cables now mostly used for a wired LAN are UTP (unshielded twisted pair) CAT5E, although STP (s ( Full Answer )
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What can LANs do?

LAN means Local Area Network. It can connect computers within buildings and a limited area and can also share resources like printers.
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How do you built LAN?

HI, first you need to know about the protocols used to set up the lan. then you need to know about the private address range so that you can choose it for your computer. even ( Full Answer )
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Is a building a LAN?

No, a building is a building. You can put a LAN inside a building, however.
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What are the porposes of lan?

To enable aquatic mammals to communicate with each other? Sorry. I couldn't resist playing on the typo, 'porposes'. A local area network (lan) is used to connect two or more ( Full Answer )
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What is the range of LAN?

It depends on which type of cable you are using. For UTP and STP it's 100m, for fiber optics it can be as far as 40 km (single mode), for coax is 175 m for thinnet and so on.
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How do you transfer files from lan to lan?

To transfer files from two disconnected local area networks, you would need to use an external connection. You could use manual transfer through media such as disc, cd, dvd, f ( Full Answer )
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What is the uses of LAN?

Local area networks allow computers to be connected together to share services, peripherals and to allow control of groups of machines.
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What are the LAN peripherals?

The LAN peripherals are any additional devices added to the computer to give extra functionality e.g. Printers, Scanners. Barry =)
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How make lan?

It depends under which context you intend to create a Lan connection. If you want to have a "Lan party" where you and a bunch of friend all play the same game, then there is n ( Full Answer )
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What airline is lan?

LAN, formerly known as Lan Chile is the national airline of Chile. It is part of the OneWorld Alliance and has a large number of dedicated passengers. It's base is in Santiago ( Full Answer )
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How is a LAN used?

A LAN, as in Local Area Networks , is used to connect a group of computers together to share resources and exchange information.