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Why Cumene is insoluble in water?

\nanswer: because the bonds between the molecules are too strong to be broken\n. \nexplanation: that is because there are double bonds between the atoms in the molecules that ( Full Answer )
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Cumene is a compound containing only carbon and hydrogen that is used in the production of acetone and phenol in the chemical industry Combustion of 47.6 mg cumene produces some CO2 and 42.8 mg water?

The molar mass of H2O = 2 + 16 = 18 g/mol. The ratio of H in H2O is therefore 2/18 = 1/9. Thus, amount of H in 42.8 mg H2O = 42.8 * 1/9 = 4.76 mg. This must then be the amoun ( Full Answer )