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What is TIPS?

Answer . tips is when u are givin sort of clues or things that u r told that help u wit any situation .
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Making out tips?

dont stress about it and dont worry about gagging because its not possible and just practice if you are nerves and make sure you are ready for it
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Tips on debates?

one tip about debate is to research on what the other team is gonna talk about, get a little idea about some things that they could say to be against you and be reasonable whe ( Full Answer )
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Tips for RuneScape?

Well first of all it takes alot of time to train up and if your working on 12goals at once your obviously not gunna get anywere so work on 1 and 1 ONLY!!!!!! for example i hav ( Full Answer )
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What are the tips to success?

make sure have a good job, if u want a pet start off with an easy one like cat or even a fish. Make sure u pay the bills on time, and most importantly, don't spend money on st ( Full Answer )
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Can you tip the iceberg?

No penguin as ever tipped the iceberg in Club Penguin. A few videoswere posted on YouTube allegedly showing penguins tipping theiceberg, but those were found to be doctored vi ( Full Answer )
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Who was Tip O'Neill?

Tip O'Neill, born in Ontario, was a professional ball player between 1883-1892 for several teams in the National League and American Association. He played in the outfield and ( Full Answer )
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Tips for a threesome?

Answer. Just go with the flow of the event and you will soon find out by yourself.
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What are Beef Tips?

I just made this last night, its stew meat simmered in a brown gravy sauce for about 1 hour 30 minutes, some people make like a mushroom gravy sauce but its delicious... loo ( Full Answer )
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How much to tip?

In the United States tipping of many service people, including waitstaff and bartenders, is part of the social contract we enter into when we decide to patronize a full-servic ( Full Answer )
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Tips on how to kiss?

Be gentle with your date make eye contact smile at him/her and then just lean in gentle and make your move and be gentle
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When to tip a valet?

A person should always tip valets, waitstaff, bellhops, restaurant hosts/ess, beauticians, stylists, and generally anyone who goes out of their way to help you.
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What is Wing tip to wing tip?

Two or more planes flying in formation with the ends of their wings almost touching. ANS 2 - Wing tip to wing tip is also a way of expressing the wing span of an aircraf ( Full Answer )
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What is a Q tip?

A Q-tip is a cotton swab. Q-tips are often used for cleaning the outer ear, applying make up or applying antiseptic lotions like Neosporin on cuts, etc.
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Tips for sleepovers?

When you are at a sleepover tell jokes! like: where does a cat shop? at a CAT-alog HA HA HA HA HA
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Tips to get a boyfriend?

Hey well if u want a boyfriend, then all u got to do is be yourself, (which is not crazy) and get your friends to help out if i didnt help then sorry but if i did help then y ( Full Answer )
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What is the use of the tip?

It helps underpaid service staff make ends meet and it can also serve as a reward for good product or service.
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What are pregnancy tips?

Here's some things you CAN'T do when pregnant: .Smoking .Drinking Alchohol .Drugs .Wear tight clothes .wrestle .Lay on stomach . Eat anything Rotten or Dangerous . Get kicked ( Full Answer )
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What are Answer Tips?

"Answer Tips" are a trademarked feature of which is used throughout WikiAnswers. By double-clicking on any word in any WikiAnswers answer, you can see a dictionary ( Full Answer )
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Additional tip if tip included?

If you feel the service was above your standards then yes tip extra even tho the tip is already included.
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What is a tip?

Let say that a taxi driver gets a person to a place before a meeting or just is a good freind The passager might give him 5 or more dollars I hope this helps Tip is an advi ( Full Answer )
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When you tip do you tip before or after taxes?

Generally, you tip before taxes . With food service, a good trick is to know the sales taxes in the state you are in and remember what multiplier of that equals roughly 20%. ( Full Answer )
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Is there a wow tip?

Well, i think u should never play it, quit now before it is too late. I have joined the online sensation but have yet to quit becdause of my spirtaling addiction. I started pl ( Full Answer )
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Why do you tip?

if you tip a waiter its because they did a good job serving you if you tip over your not keeping your balance well those are 2 ways of tiping i hope i helped
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How to tip the iceberg?

Look, this is a question many people are interested in. Some believe that the iceberg can tip, while others do not. As for me, I believe it can tip. So according to my experie ( Full Answer )
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What are tips an how to calculate tips?

Tips means to suggest any one to what is enter point in market, what is exit point if market gone against your guess and what point where you can book profit. Experts use diff ( Full Answer )
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What is at the tip of a bronchiole?

The alveoli is found at the end of each Bronchiole and Bronchi. The alveoli gets rid of all the carbon dioxide that is in our lungs. If you need more help just ask anothe ( Full Answer )
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What is a foul tip out?

it is when the batter tips the ball but the catcher catches it and it is called an out because it is the same thing as someone fouling the ball but a pop up but catching it.
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What are the tips for winter?

When I was young and first started driving I was told something that I did not necessarily listen to in the beginning and I would like to pass it on. If it is snowing hard out ( Full Answer )
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What is tipping load?

The tipping load is the hook load at a specified radius about a line called the tipping fulcrum, which causes the crane to tip. The crane rating is based on taking a percentag ( Full Answer )
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What is distance from tip to tip in Texas?

842 miles from dalhart (panhandle) to brownsville (southernmost city), 834 miles from el paso (westernmost city) to orange (louisiana border)
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Do you tip in Portugal?

Not mandatory in most restaurants / bars. If it is, it should be stated in advanced on the menu (with the respective rate). Traditional tipping etiquette applies. If the se ( Full Answer )
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How do you do tip nails?

Get a thin brus, pereferably white. Or desired color. Dip the tip in the polish you want. Make sure you don't collect too much polish, as for you will create a b ig mess! Brus ( Full Answer )
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What is a metal tip?

this is a good answer for metal tip.first metal tip is a bottom of a light bulb.thank you.
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What is tipping?

Not sure if you can tip other animals, but cow tipping is where yousneak up on an unsuspecting upright cow and push it over. Itspurely for entertainment purposes.