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What is AF-CI?

Answer . Arc Fault Circuit Interuptor. It is a breaker designed to sense an electrical arc that may cause a fire. It then opens the circuit shutting off the power and hope ( Full Answer )
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What does AF stand for?

It means after future . AF = Aunt Flow . It means your period :-)
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Is there dragonball af?

There is no such thing as Dragonball AF. The Manga starts with DB, followed by DBZ and it ends with DBGT. As far as I know, DBAF is just a Fanproduction...
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Is there a dragonball af?

No, Dragonball AF was an April fool's joke, complete with some art released to give the prank validity. AF = April Fool's. If you do search hard enough you will find fan ( Full Answer )
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What is Dragonball AF?

The Answer Above is NOT correct. Dragonball AF is a Fan made DBZ Series. It was NOT created by Akira or Toei Animation. Most of AF is in a Manga Form. Hope this helps.
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What are AF spanners?

AF refers to American Fine (thread) or Across the Flats. The spanners are in Imperial sizes from 1/4 inch to over 2 inches and will match the size of the distance between the ( Full Answer )
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What is DBZ af?

It's a fan made series. But it's really good do. There DBZAF answers thing that DBGT didn't answer didn't: like how is Goku's mom, gohan ssj4 transformation, brodly back to li ( Full Answer )
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What does AF on a wrench mean?

\nIt means "across flat," or the dimension taken perpendicular to the opposing, parallel flat faces.
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Is there Dragon Ball AF?

Yes, but it is purely fan based. Plus, last time I checked (which was some time ago), it was only in Japanese, without sub titles.
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When will dragonball af start?

It has finished I think. Anyway, it is fan-made and isn;t in the official franchise.
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What is an af of water?

Americans need to start using metric units, this is so stupid, it's an acre-foot, who the hell knows what that would be.... just put it in meters cubed
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Will it be a dragonball af?

AF was originally a joke (April Fools AF), but since the crap about super saiyan 5s and higher and all otha stuff it gained popularity. but the series that comes out is fanmad ( Full Answer )
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What does afs mean?

I will say exactly what my dad said when I asked him that, "Look it up!" answ2 . It could mean American Field Scholarship.
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Who is Xicors mother in Dragonball AF?

I thought is was the West-Supreme Kai. She called herself Lila. She felled betrayed by the East-Supreme Kai.
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What is the process of af an egg in vinegar?

It depends on how long it is in the vinegar but the egg will lose a layer of its skin and become very fragile. It will also become bouncy. Why not trie it!!!!
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What is an AF Form 1176?

The form needed to obtain the authority to search and seize from a subject suspected of an illegal act under the UCMJ
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Where is af 900-2 located?

I request to be able to bring up the complete list of Units thatwere awarded the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award.
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What is AF form 2586?

Its typically used for restricted area badges and flight line badges things of that nature.
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Is there any episode of dragonball af?

no there not gonna release the episodes its just a bunch of fan made crap. thats why af standes for april fools!
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When will there be Dragon Ball AF?

Never. Dragon Ball AF started as an April Fool's joke. Get it? AF:April Fool's. As nice as it would be, AF remains as a fanfiction kind of thing for fans.
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How strong is AF ssj5 gogeta?

mad strong.probably about 169,000,000,000 or maybe even higher.all i know is that he would pwned everyone on gt
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Where to get Dragon Ball af?

It was a April fools joke in Japan after Dragon BallGT ended.It does not exist and what exist of Dragon ball AF is drawing rumors etc.. and also there are PS2 Games for D ( Full Answer )
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What is af form 523?

The AF form 523 is used for the carry of concealed weapons on government instalations.
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What happened to Dragon Ball af?

it was a fan made show they stopped making it . AF stands April Fool.(if you want to see episodes message me)
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Why didn't they continued on DBZ AF?

Because AF wasn't a real dragonball series but only a rumour that was spread out because some fans draw some pictures of super saiyan 5 and stuff like that.
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Where did Dragon Ball AF start?

its a episode after goku defeats frieza and he is on his ship recovering. but its a flash back by north sumpreme Kai after when goku goes to train with shenron in the planet ( Full Answer )
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What are the sagas in Dragon Ball af?

saga 1 the frieza problem its about an infection that piosons buu, cooler, and cell. this increases their power and gives them simelarities to frieza. they cause havoc, ( Full Answer )
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What does the AF assist button do?

The AF (autofocus) assist button activates the autofocus feature on your camera. In general, the AF system uses a sensor and a motor to automatically focus the camera on a sub ( Full Answer )
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When is dragonball af going to come out?

Dragon Ball AF (AF actually meaning April Fools) is a fan made Dragon Ball GT sequal, it is not real and is in no way connected to Akira Toriyama (Creator of Dragon Ball) besi ( Full Answer )
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What does af mean in dragon ball af?

af stands for april fools it was made by fans to be tricked some brats thinks its real and its really fake but there is a dragonball af manga made by toyable or whatever its n ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with afe?

That depends on how you say it. If it is pronounced similar to safe, then these should rhyme: safe waif
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What does af mea in dragonball af?

It means "April Fools." The name originated from the joke poster Akira Toriyama created, which features SSJ5 Goku on the front.
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What does AF-s in AF-s Lens stand for?

AF-s stands for Autofocus-Silent. These lenses from Nikon use an ultrasonic motor (also known as a "Silent Wave Motor" (SWM)) focus quietly and quickly. It is similar to Canon ( Full Answer )
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What is an AF amplifier?

AF means audio frequency. Audio Amplifiers can be subgrouped as voltage amplifiers (or pre-amplifiers) and power amplifiers. The voltage amplifier will raise the level of leve ( Full Answer )