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What is ide 133?

ide / (p)ata 133 is the speed of a Ide / (p)ata Harddrive more info @
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What is 133 milimeters in inches?

133 millimeters are 5.236220 inches. Direct Conversion Formula . 133 mm . . 1 in 25.4 mm . = . 5.236220472 in.
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What is 133 route?

It is the sea route between PacifidLog town and Slateport City.You Know The Place With The Fast sea currents.
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How long is 133 miles?

It as long as you could travel in roughly 2 hours and 3 minutes if you were driving a speed limit of 65 mph.
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What is the decimal number 133 in binary?

The binary number equivalent of 133 is 10000101. (which for clarity can be grouped, e.g. 1000 0101). A binary number uses exponents of 2 rather than 10, and the first eig (MORE)
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Where do you find Pokemon 133 on platinum?

sinnoh pokedex: #163 is eevee. you can find eevee in Mr.Backlot's garden. (depending on the Pokemon of the day) National dex: #133 is octillery. i don't know where to find i (MORE)
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What is 133 divided by 30?

Expressed as a mixed number in its simplest form, 133/30 = 4 13/30 or four and thirteen thirtieths. Expressed as a decimal, it is equal to 4.43 recurring (that is, 4.433333... (MORE)
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What percent is 133 of 173?

Expressed as a percentage, rounded to two decimal places, 133/173 x 100 = 76.88 percent.
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What is half if 133?

well, it would be a decimal. halve it the answer is...... somewhere in the 40's jokes cant tell you it is a special secret
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How many yards is 133 feet?

The conversion between yards and feet are given.The relation isas follows . . Now, 1 yard = 3 feet. so, 133 feet =133 /3 yards =44.33yards.
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What number goes into 133 and 1000?

There is no common prime factor for 133 and 1000 and so the only number that goes into both is 1.
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How do you simplify 38 over 133?

Divide both by the same number. 38 over 133 38 divided by 38 over 133 divided by 38 1 over 3 1 third
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Is 133 a prim number?

No. 133+7 =140 which is divisible by 7, so 133 is also divisible by 7. (It is 7 * 19.)
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What is the radius of 133?

A finite number we do not discuss its radius as it is more of a geometric term.
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What is the LCM of 133?

This cannot be answered because an LCM (least common multiple) isthe smallest positive number that is a multiple of two or more numbers.
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How many inches is 133 mm?

5.236 in Algebraic Steps / Dimensional Analysis Formula . 133 mm . . 1 cm 10 mm . . 1 in 2.54 cm . = . 5.236220472 in. Direct Conversion Formula . 133 (MORE)
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Is 3 a multiple of 133?

No, if you add the numbers all together and they equal a whole number divisible by three then it is. Example... 12...1+2=3 33...3+3=6
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How do you do 133 on professor layton 4?

Puzzle No 133: Freight Train, Professor Layton & the Spectres Call. Please see the related link below.
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Where is telephone area code 133?

In what country? In the US/Canada, 133 is not a valid area code. In the UK, there are area codes that begin with 133 (or 0133 indomestic format), but you need another digit. (MORE)
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What is the LCM of 122 and 133?

Factor both of the numbers. 122=61X2 133=19X7 Since there are no common factors, you will have to multiply the two numbers together to get the LCM. 122X133=16,226 Answer: 16, (MORE)
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What is 10 percent off 133?

10% off of 133 = 10% discount applied to 133 = 133 - (10% * 133) = 133 - (0.10 * 133) = 133 - 13.3 = 119.70
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What two numbers go into 133?

If you want to break it down into factors, you need 19 and 7 as the factors, but the numbers 1 and 133 also "go into" 133.
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How many feet are 133 centimeters?

4.36 Ft 4.3635 ft Algebraic Steps / Dimensional Analysis Formula . 133 cm . . 1 in 2.54 cm . . 1 ft 12 in . = . 4.36351706 ft. Direct Conversion Formula (MORE)
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How is 133 divided by 7?

133 ÷ 7 = 19 Suppose you have 133 cards and have 7 friends you want to give themto. By dividing 133 by 7, you are trying to find a number you cansplit 133 into such that (MORE)
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What is 133 pounds in US money?

The currency market fluctuates daily. At present (20feb13), £1 is equal to approximately $1.524. SO ... £133 ≈ $202.69 . (PLZ note however, if you are plannin (MORE)
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What is 133 times 5?

It is so very simple and quick to get the answer, especially since, if you need it, you can use the calculator that comes with your computer. But since you are obviously not a (MORE)
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Is 133 divisible by three?

No, because if you add the three digits together, you get 7 which isn't divisible by 3
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Where is telephone country code 133?

Telephone country code +1 is North America (USA, Canada, etc.). You need the area code (the following three digits) to be more specific. . +1 330 = Akron, Canton and Youngs (MORE)
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Green 133 pill?

I am sure what type of pill you are talking about. This questioncannot be answered.
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What is the common factor of 133?

The factors of 133 are 1, 7, 19, 133 For them to be common, they need to be compared to another set offactors.