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What does the Q in Q-tip stand for?

\n. \n Q in Q-Tip \n. \nHere are two opinions:\n. \n . Quilted-Tip\n . \n . Quality, actually. :)\n . \nAnd an extra note:\n. \n . Take a careful look at the ca ( Full Answer )
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What does the Q in John Q stand for?

Since the person who posed the question categorized the question under "Movies," it is reasonable to assume that he/she is speaking of the movie "John Q." Q stands for Quincy ( Full Answer )
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Who is Q?

In Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek:Voyager , Q (John de Lancie) is a being from the Q Continuum,which is where a race of god-like omnipotent (at least as far a ( Full Answer )
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What is the mixing ratio for a 029 super stihl chainsaw?

3oz per 1gal =40:1 and ive ran mine that way for many years and works great!. 50:1 mix with premium gas. period. Only run leaner if you have a modified saw. (if you dont know ( Full Answer )
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What is the band Q or Q band?

Physics . Q band is a group of microwave frequencies (part of the electromagnetic or em spectrum) between 33 and 50 GHz. Frequencies in this band are used in radio astronomy, ( Full Answer )
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Where in the UK is area code 029?

029 is the area code for Cardiff in the UK, and is followed by an eight digit local number. The 029 code can be left out when dialling within Cardiff. Cardiff numbers a ( Full Answer )
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Where in the UK is the telephone area code 029?

029 is the area code for Cardiff in the UK. Local telephonenumbers in Cardiff are eight digits long, and usually start with"20" or "21". The three-digit area code, 029, can b ( Full Answer )
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How can i answer Q?

You have to make an account first. Like right about now where u are wasting away ur life. she's right
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What are the Stihl 029 chainsaw specifictions?

Displacement : 56.5 cc Power : 3.0/4.1 kW/PS Weight : 5.9kg Recommended bar lengths : 15", 16", 18". Displacement : 56.5 cc Power : 3.0/4.1 kW/PS Weight : 5.9k ( Full Answer )
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Where is telephone country code 029?

There is no telephone country code 029, because country codes neverbegin with zero. There are some telephone country codes that begin with +29 (dialedas 00 29 from many place ( Full Answer )
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What does q do and what does q stand for?

Q is an omnipotent higher being who enjoys playing with the crew of the Enterprise and is especially interested in Capt Picard. His name does not stand for anything.
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What does the Q in Q-tip mean?

It stands for quality. . Q, means Q-tip, because it is an easier short-form of the word. . quilted
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How do you start a stihl 029 chainsaw?

Push the off/run/choke lever all the way to the choke positions while holding the throttle button in. Place saw on level ground and place your foot on the pad to hold the saw ( Full Answer )
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What Pokemon is 029 in the pokedex?

According to the Sinnoh Dex numbering system the Pokemon that isnumber 29 is Golbat and you can find it with a Ninja Boy in thefoggy area of Route 210 in Diamond and Pearl.
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Do people always answer a q with a q?

Seldom, but some qs are so indistinct that more info is needed. Learn to think about the q. Imagine somebody that knows nothing about the subject reading it. Avoid initials a ( Full Answer )
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What are the Big Q and small q?

The Q are a race introduced in Star Trek: The Next Generation. The Q (often referred to as Q or q, both in singular and multiple references) are a nearly omnipotent and extrem ( Full Answer )
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Why are Q-Tips called Q-tips where does the Q come in?

The cotton swab was invented in the 1920's by Leo Gerstenzang and called "Baby Gays." After a little marketing advice, he changed the name from that to "Quality Tips" or "Q-Ti ( Full Answer )
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Answer my q?

This question is unquestionably unquestionable to the point where it can not be answered. There is your answer. If you find yourself looking back at what I just said, you just ( Full Answer )
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What does the q mean in q deck?

"Q=Quenched & Tempered" steel used in decking materials that requires a higher load strength. I believe the term has been degraded to refer to the Robertson System of "Q"- Dec ( Full Answer )
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What does Ctrl Q DO?

Same as Alt F4, it quits the application and closes the window. On the Mac (apple OS), Command Q will also quit an application. In the Linux operating system and some o ( Full Answer )
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What is Facebook Q and A?

I didn't update something on my facebook and I was doing farmville. My e-mail address was and I change it to The farmville with the fi ( Full Answer )
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Is there an animal that starts with q and says q q?

Different breeds of quail make different calls, but the common quail sounds a bit like qi qi qi. The duck, of course, says 'quack quack,' but there is no breed of duck that be ( Full Answer )
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What is A and Q?

This isn't specific, but it could be: Variables, Answer and Question, and an irrational number is denoted with a Q
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How can you explain that Cardiff's area code is 029 and not 02920?

Simplest is to explain how area codes and local dialling work: . In the United Kingdom, landline phones have local numbers whichcan be used to dial within the area. These are ( Full Answer )
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Where is the UK telephone code 029 2089?

029 is the area code for Cardiff. Numbers beginning 2089 are split between Pentyrch and Roath. Many numbers in the range (029) 2089 8xxx are used by the Welsh Assembly Gover ( Full Answer )
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Us marine corps Vietnam war achieves where can you obtain CD 029 for operation buffalo July 2-14 1967?

The National Archives in Maryland has after action reports available (for a price) for most if not all combat actions from the Viet War. They are normally declassified in 3 ye ( Full Answer )
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What is the answer to pruzzle 029?

Well my friend, puzzle does not have an 'R' in it. If you are really going to ask a question, be specific so people know what the h*** you're talking about.
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Q q q?

It really all depends on opinion. A name that I think would be great for a Webkinz Grey Wolf, you might think is dumb. You will have to use your imagination to think of a grea ( Full Answer )
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What is the different between stihl 029 and a stihl 029 super?

The super is about 5cc larger than the regular 029. My guess is that in the factory if the cylinder did not pass inspection they bored it out and slid it over into the assembl ( Full Answer )
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What does the Q stand for in Susie Q?

It doesn't mean anything in particular, it was used this way to sound good in the song.