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How do you remove Trojan horse Startpage 6 Q from a computer?

Answer . 1. Download and run firefox to protect your computer from future spyware attacks and pop ups which are coming in through internet explorer (Trojan downloaders, win ( Full Answer )
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Who is Q?

In Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek:Voyager , Q (John de Lancie) is a being from the Q Continuum,which is where a race of god-like omnipotent (at least as far a ( Full Answer )
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In 1398 who created the first quidditch?

The Knowledge of how Quidditch came into the wizarding world is all thanks to Gertie Keddle who kept a diary of what she saw. According to her diary entries we can conclude th ( Full Answer )
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6 letter words that use the letter q?

Quacks, quaint, quails, Quaker, quakes, quarks, quarts, quaver, queens, quells, quests, quilts, quince, quints, quiver, quotes.
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How can i answer Q?

You have to make an account first. Like right about now where u are wasting away ur life. she's right
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Leader of the Mongols in 1398?

The leader of the Mongols in the year 1398 was Timur. He ruled from1370 until his death in 1405.
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Answer my q?

This question is unquestionably unquestionable to the point where it can not be answered. There is your answer. If you find yourself looking back at what I just said, you just ( Full Answer )
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What 6 letter word starts with Q?

Quacks, quails, quaint, quaked,quakes, qualms, quarry, quarts, quartz, queasy, queens, quells,quench quests, quiets, quilts, quince, quirks, quirky, quiver,quorum, quotas, quo ( Full Answer )
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Who invaded india in 1398?

The Emir Timur and his armies from Central asia. The Timurid dynasty became an Empire and 200 years after Timur's death became the Mughal Empire.
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What is A and Q?

This isn't specific, but it could be: Variables, Answer and Question, and an irrational number is denoted with a Q
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What language did rich people speak in 1398?

Some rich people in western Europe may have been able to beeducated in Latin or Greek besides their native language.
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What is Q 6 hour prn dosing?

It means "one dose (medication specified elsewhere apparently) not more than once every 6 hours, if the patient needs or requests it".
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How many different 6 letter words can be made if the first letter must be K Z Q or N?

K - 288 words found. kababs, kabaka, kabala, kabars, kabaya, kabiki, kabobs, kabuki, kaffir, kafirs, kaftan, kahuna, kaiaks, kainit, kaiser, kakapo, kalams, kalian, kalifs, k ( Full Answer )
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What does 1-2 puffs po q 4-6 hours prn for sob mean?

It means to take one to two puffs of your inhaler every four to six hours as needed for shortness of breath. q = every prn = as needed sob = shortness of breath
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What 6 letter words can be made with these letters l t y p k r n e a r q?

\n. alkyne, anklet, antler, arpent, artery, elytra, enrapt, entrap, errant, knarry, krater, lanker, larker, learnt, lyrate, napery, nearly, neatly, palter, paltry, pantry, pa ( Full Answer )