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How do plants grow through cracks in sidewalks?

Answer . there is soil under the cracks so when the cracks come the there is normally just like planting a flower. so when it rains the plants grow.
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What is an awesome movie?

scary movie 1 my opinion is twilight saga (all even breaking dawn i bet its gonna be a great movie cant wait til it comes out ahh! ) dont listen to other people who tell you (MORE)
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What does slipped through your fingers mean?

The phrase, "slipped through your fingers," is used to imply that you have lost an opportunity, by not grabbing hold of it strongly enough.
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Is the Hannah Montana movie awesome?

The Hannah Montana movie is awsome!!!!! It's the best movie she has played in!!!!!!!!!(and Bolt!!) Huh. Write that. Ok. Hannah Montana is the most awsome girl in the (MORE)
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What Are Some Awesome Movies?

twilight wolvorine new moon final fantasy halo bourne anything stormbreaker and any naruto movie
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Awesome websites for 10 year olds?

moshimonsters, (fun to browse around), barbie girls (fun to play), bratz, biguniverse, barbie, and lots more! :) .
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Is Ben 10 awesome?

Yes It is the best show ever other than generater Rex and pokemon
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What does slipped through my eyes mean?

It mean's like if you slipped through someone's eye's you sneak pass them so it pretty much means to sneak pass someone without them noticing. P.S.:sorry if I miss spelled so (MORE)
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How do you make an awesome breyer movie?

It is all about the angles and props. I am working on a Breyer movie called "Breaking Fire" and the shots are going to be Epic and up close.
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The movie Zombieland is awesome?

It is a good film I would say, but I'm not sure if it ranks as "awesome", but it is a nice take on the zombie genre.
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What are 10 awesome facts about Leonardo DiCaprio?

1.) His first name (Leonardo) was named after an italian man (Leonardo Da Vinche.) Leonardo can also be a french, spanish, portuguese, or any other name as long as its latin! (MORE)
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Why is the movie The Avengers awesome?

This movie is awesome because it's plot is just.... AWESOME. It's actors are just great looking and HILARIOUS. Plus, mostly ALL superhero movies are AMAZING
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Is the Lego movie awesome?

Of course it is! "Everything is awesome! Everything is cool whenyou're part of the team!"