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What if you dont know if you want to divorce your wife?

Answer . Consider mediation. A mediator will help you and your wife work through issues that caused problems in the first place. Even if you do decide to divorce a mediated (MORE)
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What sneaky thing does Cassius do?

In the Shakespearean tragedy "Julius Cesar", Cassius is sneakingaround through the whole play. He leads the conspirators againstthe titular king and, most importantly, convinc (MORE)

What do you do when you dont know what you want anymore?

well you wouldn't be asking this question if you clearly didnt no what you want anymore you do have some sort of idea about it don't you? .... sometimes we feel confused becau (MORE)

My boyfriend wants to kiss me but i dont know how?

\n. \nmost of the time it comes naturally, but if your really scared, just give him a quick peck on the lips. once you feel confident then kiss him longer. something eles you (MORE)
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When did you dont want to miss a thing come out?

It came out in 1998 for the hit movie Armageddon. It was originally supposed to be performed by U2 but after Steve Tyler's daughter Liv Tyler was cast for the movie the though (MORE)
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You dont want your parents to know that your emo?

you know what parents are like, they will hear from a friend that emo means 'cutting yourself' (which it doen't in most cases) and they will go mental, so don't say you are em (MORE)
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You dont want your husband to know you are not a virgin?

You want your husband to know the truth about whether or not you are a virgin. If you lie to him about it, it is likely that he will find out eventually, anyways. In which cas (MORE)

You want to talk her but you dont know from were to start?

if your trying to overcome nervousness then try telling yourself "I am the prize" most guys sike themselves out before they talk to a girl. so replace the bad thought with a g (MORE)

What sneaky thing did Lennie try to do?

In Steinbeck's story 'Of Mice and Men', Lennie, one of the key characters, does several sneaky things. The first sneaky thing he does is to try to hide the fact that he has (MORE)

What if you are gay but dont want people to know?

You live your life scared and frustrated. Everyone comes out at a different time in their life depending on circumstance and need. Once you figure out that other peoples opini (MORE)