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What animals live in the Twilight Zone?

There are lots of animals for like Gulper eel, Tripod fish,angelfish, Angler fish.. Got it>> _____________________________________________ Different animals live in the Twilig (MORE)
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What is twilight zone?

The Twilight Zone is the title of a TV series created by Rod Serling in the 1960s, exploring fantasy, horror, and sci-fi themes. From the TV series, the phrase entered the la (MORE)
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What are ten things you would know if you read the book Twilight?

1)the cullens are vampires.2)Jacob and his friends are werewolves.3)Jacob and edward both love Bella. 4)Bella marries edward. 5)edward get Bella pregant. 6) she has a girl nam (MORE)
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Why didnt twilight win any awards?

i think that the reason twilight didn't win any awards was because those awards (the Oscars) were geared specifically towards the movies with only super-famous actors. twiligh (MORE)
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What are 10 things you need to know about your boyfriend?

Does he love you?. Does he respect you?. Is he straight or gay?. Do you share interests?. What are some of his favorite colors?. Does he have allergies or medical issues? (MORE)
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What was Twilight Zone famous for?

Clever intro monologues- walk on presence by Mr. Serling- whacked out plots usually with some morbid or occult kick- snap or surprise endings often inconclusive as to whether (MORE)
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The Twilight Zone monsters music?

The twilight Zone, was an unusual show in many ways. It had an on-scene narrator ( Rod Serling), had no regular repeating cast of characters. lended towards the occult and the (MORE)
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Which animal live in Twilight Zone?

Hello, creators such as plankton, eels, squid, angelfish, and anglerfish are in the twilight zone!
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What are 10 things to know about Lenin?

Ten interesting things to know about Lenin are: . He was born of Mongol, Jewish, Swedish and German ancestry, and ofter used the phrase "Russian idiots" to show his contempt (MORE)
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Temp range of the Twilight Zone?

Crazy as it sounds the water temperature ( but not the pressure) of really deep oceanic waters cannot normally go below 32 degrees. It does decrease with depth, but say, l0 gr (MORE)
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10 cool things you should know about sharks?

1) sharks have very sensitive hearing, they can hear prey from 700ft away. 2) shark have very good smell, they can even smell the protein in blood from up to a mile away. 3) s (MORE)
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Is Twilight Zone is scare?

Yes, for some people. suspense was open-looped as the show did not have the reassuring device of a regular cast of characters ( unlike Star Trek, for example) plots could go a (MORE)
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What are 10 things you should know about your girlfriend?

Depends on the age of the couple, their station in life, and the goals for their relationship. That means a 16 year old high school student is going to need to know very diffe (MORE)
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Can you give me 10 things you might not know about the Beatles?

One: Strawberry Fields was a real place. It was a Salvation Army not to far from John Lennon's childhood home. Two: None of the Beatles could actually read music Three: "Yeste (MORE)
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What are 10 things you might not know about love?

10 things you might not know about love 1. It can be hard to talk about love in scientific terms because people have strong pre-existing ideas about it. No, people aren' (MORE)
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10 things you didnt know about Kate Middleton?

There are many things you likely didn't know about Kate Middleton,like the face that she is the oldest royal bride, her real name isCatherine, she loved sports as a child, and (MORE)