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Prefix in introvert?

the prefix is "in" because the opposite of introvert is extrovert, where "in" is replaced by "ex"
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Can an introvert be cured?

When a person is an introvert, it means that they like to keep to themselves, this is NOT a disease that needs to be cured, it takes all kinds of people to make a world, some (MORE)
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What do you get for completing mission 11 in cp?

A badge, but if you do the extra thing you can get spy goggles! You do the extra thing by going to the lighthouse, picking up the can, going to G's gadget room, putting the (MORE)
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How do you complete 11?

use bouncer to hit the wheel-bot's eyes. follow the robot to the roof. hit his eyes again with bouncer. use the robotomy upgrade on the robot. when your done and the robot's d (MORE)
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What is an introvert?

Introversion is a personality type. Generally regarded as one of the principal types,. The main confusion surrounding the term "introvert" is that it is often thought of as id (MORE)
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Is that just a myth that one should complete the course of antibiotics?

No. Obviously not. If a patient does not complete a course of antibiotics, they run the risk of selecting for antibiotic resistant bacteria in their body. If these bacteria be (MORE)
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How do you complete objective 11 on howrse?

You need to stroke a horse in the Safe Haven. To get to the Safe Haven, you go to: Breeding → My Office → click on "The Safe Haven" tab → scroll down, and pick (MORE)
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Am i an extrovert or Introvert?

We cannot answer this question ! We have never met you, and thusdon't know what type of person you are ! Ask your friends ! ~ An Extrovert is defined as a very outgoing, socia (MORE)
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What Introvert means?

In considering personality types and facilitation, whosepersonality type theory explains that we mentally processinformation through the use of eight mental functions? An intr (MORE)