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What is a snack?

A snack is a sustaining short amount of food, like a bran muffin, that helps provide energy for your body.
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What are good savory snacks for a 11 year old sleepover?

Great question!. To make it healthy, make plates of fruits and veggies in fun shapes. Keep bowls of nuts around too ( if noone has allergies). You can make wraps with turkey (MORE)
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Can you get body lice from the sand at the beach?

No, you can only get lice either from direct contact with a personthat has them or by sharing personal items (e.g. combs,hairbrushes, cloths) with them. Lice that fall off a (MORE)
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What are 11 body system that in your body?

The 11 body systems are as followed (not in order): the muscular,immune, skeletal, digestive, nervous, endocrine, circulatory, reproductive, integumentary, excretory, and the (MORE)
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Why do you snack?

We snack because we feel hungry.
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Does living by a beach ruin your cars paint?

In coastal areas, salt air is a problem for any metallic surface. For example, most marine hardware is specially treated to resist corrosion. Auto paint may suffer from salin (MORE)
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Is it okay to be nude at a nude beach at 11?

Children often take to nude beaches more easily than adults because as children there are less complex feelings and social expectations when it comes to removing clothing. Man (MORE)
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How many snacks should a 11 year old eat?

It depends on how active she is! Usually 1-3 small snacks is about the average amount someone that age should eat between meals per day.
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How can Binge Eating Disorder Ruin What if your Body?

Bineg Eating Disorder, or BED, can cause serious health problems. Physically, it can lead to weight gain and obesity. Often binge foods are unhealthy, which can harm the heart (MORE)
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What is snackes?

Snackes is a cup that holds both a snack and a drink all in onecup. It also makes no mess if it tips over. That is what snackesis.