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What was a typical meal in a concentration camp?

\nA typical meal in a concentration camp usually only served once a day in the noon. It consisted of 1" thin slice of dark bread made from rye mixed 60/40 with sawdust, and a (MORE)
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Where did the expression knock it off originate?

According to the Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang , knock it off originated in nautical and military circles, wherein knock off meant "to relieve some (MORE)
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Is it illegal to sell knock-off purses?

It is illegal to sell purses that are exact replicas of the designer ones, and to tell customers that they are authentic. It is NOT illegal to sell knock-offs that are only s (MORE)
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Why don't you knock off the e on aging?

Here is the answer I found on the Related Link: "Writers of English English tend to use "ageing" while those of American English tend to use "aging". Either is correct accor (MORE)
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Why do you take your socks off at doctors office?

Not a standard procedure. You might ask your doctor. I've never heard of this.. I should add that, in the interest of avoiding infections, I don't like toching anything in a (MORE)
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What are some good meal ideas for camping?

freeze dried meals come in boxes. You may find them in a scouting store.All I know is that's what my boyscout brother hs on campouts. Hotdogs on a stick are always very tasty (MORE)
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Why does my clio Knock when turn off?

There are several causes for run-on or dieseling: The engine can be overheated; it can have carbon buildup in the combustion chambers; you could have the wrong spark plugs ins (MORE)
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What is a knock off purse?

All of ashlee hammer's handbags!!!!! A knock-off purse is a cheaper imitation of a designer handbag.
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What does knock a person off their horse mean?

If you are talking figuratively it means to shock, to surprise. EG: "When I told my son I wasnt his real father it knocked him off his horse!". If you are talking literally i (MORE)
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Does ronaldo cut off his sock?

Yes, he cuts the foot portion off of his team socks and wears his preffered sock underneath.
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Where can you buy a knock off iPod?

china Anywhere in New York City! All you gotta do is walk up the streets! Canal st in China town, let me tell you, they have the best of the best! Dont be shocked if someone (MORE)
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Is TIP a knock off of TI?

Yes. "It's kind of crazy how they played the homie T.I.P." 2pac said that in his new song.
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Did knock off nigel buy knock off dvds?

well isn't it obvious YEAH! he bought them off a guy called knock off nick and he bought them off knock off Nadia and she bought them off eBay
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Engine knocks after turning car off?

Engine is probably running backwards,normally due to engine idle is too high. If vehicle is carburated readjust idle to manufactures specification,normally located on info tag (MORE)
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What does knock your socks off mean?

It means to hit them so hard that their socks will fall off or togive them information so shocking that their socks will fall off. It means that it is a huge surprise, big eno (MORE)
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Does filenes basement sell knock off?

No, Filene's basement sells heavily discounted (I believe it is 20-80% off) goods, which include clothing, formal wear, outerwear, undergarments, socks, shoes, jewelry, handba (MORE)
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How many meals a day did Jews get in the concentration camps?

they would give you breakfast, lunch, and dinner. but breakfast on consisted of watered down coffee and a small ration of bread. Lunch was watered down soup, and dinner you wo (MORE)
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Who got knocked off American Idol?

Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze are the top 2 season 9 contestests. Casey James was voted off in 3rd place May 19, Michael Lynche was voted off in 4th place May 12, Arron Kell (MORE)
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Is there a knock off for nine west handbags?

Yes, there are knockoff nine west handbags. However, purchasing something that is not authentic could have a bad outcome. I would wait and save enough money to buy the authent (MORE)
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What does the idiom knock him off his pin mean?

This isn't an idiom because you can figure it out if you look upthe word "pins." It is a SLANG term meaning legs, so you knockedhim over.
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What does knock it off mean?

In the UK we would use the phrase 'Knock it off' to mean stop teasing/irritating me or stop what you doing.
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What are examples of Gucci knock offs?

There are a variety of knock off Gucci, it ranges from handbags, to purses to watches and even colognes. It is also a high end business to sell these knock offs because they a (MORE)
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What is meaning of the idiom knock your socks off?

The idiom knock your socks off means, to impress very strongly. It is a somewhat odd idiom since no matter how much something may impress you, it will not actually have any ef (MORE)
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Who directed the film Knock Off?

The film 'Knock Off' was directed by Tsui Hark. It is an action film starring Jean Claude Van Damme. He is a fashion designer who joins with the CIA to combat terrorism.
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How can you be sure cheap Timberland's are not knock offs?

It is very difficult to be able to tell if cheap Timberland's are knock offs or not. The quality of appearance of knock offs has improved dramatically and are often indistingu (MORE)
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12 pairs of socks sepl for 5.79?

To find the price of one pair of socks when 12 pair sell for $5.79,you would divide the price by the number of pairs of socks in thepackage. So, dividing $5.79 by 12, you woul (MORE)