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Why is Obama the best candidate for President?

Question is now moot. It was posted on or about election day, and was not answered. What now remains is to find out how good he is as what he as been elected to do.
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Is Barack Obama the best for president?

Yes, he currently has one of the highest approval ratings in the polls of all recent Presidents. Intrade has him at 60% odds for getting a second term. See the list of accompl (MORE)
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What one word best describe President Barack Obama?

I am not sure you can describe anyone, especially a president, in just one word. Some words to describe him are "unique" (since he is the first black president), "inspiring" ( (MORE)
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Why will obama be the worst president in history?

Who told you that would be the case? It is very difficult to measure how good a President will be until long after they have left the office. For example, Harry Truman left th (MORE)
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Why does President Obama claim to be a Christian?

He claims to be a Christian because he is a Christian: he believes in Jesus as his savior, and he accepts the theology of mainstream Protestant Christianity. The problem for s (MORE)
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What are the reasons Obama was elected presidents?

I believe following are the reasons for Obama's win. There may be more. 1) Two term Republic president. So people want change 2) Banks started collapsing during the Republica (MORE)
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Is Obama the worst president in history?

No, there are other presidents who were considered far worse, or who did worse things. President Bush's actions were very controversial, and so were the actions of President N (MORE)
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Do you support Obama as President?

This is a question we here cannot answer objectively. This site has people answering questions who are Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and people from other countries wh (MORE)
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Does President Obama support Israel?

Absolutely. Mr. Obama has a long history of support for Israel. Unfortunately, some of his political opponents have made statements that are not true, including claiming the p (MORE)
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What are reasons we have Barack Obama as president?

In 2008, Americans were ready for a change. They were tired of the Bush \nadministration and the policies of the Republican party, and they wanted\nsomething different. The Wa (MORE)