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Which restaurants offer senior discounts?

You will find your answer here: (links are not allowed) A Googlesearch exactly as you worded your question will lead you to a 2015article showing all sorts of restaurants.
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How do you find out who gives senior discounts for fifty-five?

You basically just have to ask around. Just ask politely for the senior discount. If they have one, they will give you it, if they don't, well, then they won't.\n. \nI'm no (MORE)
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What is the senior citizen discount at Kroger stores?

Kroger offers a 10% discount to Seniors all day and every day on Kroger products. You only need to go to the customer service desk and ask about it. They will add it to your K (MORE)
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What do restaurants consider the age for senior citizen?

Different for every restaurant, but between 55 and 65 are typical ages. Ask ahead of time if you think you may be eligible for a "senior citizen discount" or the seniors' menu (MORE)
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Does Walmart offer senior discount?

Wal Mart does not offer any nationwide senior discount to itscustomers. However, it is best to check with each individual storeas their policy on discounts may differ from sto (MORE)
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When do you get senior discounts?

When you are 65 and older. Some places offer discounts when you are 50 or 55 or 60. You have to ask each place, restaurants, clothing stores, airlines - anywhere, just always (MORE)
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What is the best restaurant?

Moonies Burger House or Taco Bell. (I recommended the five buck box from Taco Bell)
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Does Kmart offer senior discount?

10/21/11 i stopped at kmart in Pembroke Pines fla on fri , and asked the manager , he said he had no knowledge of a senior dicscount, bob turner
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Does arby's give senior discount?

No Arby's does not give senior discounts. I asked the clerk for my senior discount here in Abilene, Texas on East North 10th and she simply ignored me and gave me my number an (MORE)
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Does dish network offer discounts for seniors?

Dish Network does not currently offer discounts for seniors. DishNetwork does offer other discounts or special offers for new andexisting customers.
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Does Amica auto provide discounts for seniors?

There does not seem to be any indication of any sort of discounts for seniors on there website. However I recommend calling and asking directly, as it may simply not be direct (MORE)
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Does AAA offer seniors discounts?

AAA does offer senior discounts. They also offer numerous other discounts and have fantastic rates.
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Are there any senior discounts at AAA?

AAA does indeed have a senior citizens discount. They also have a direct website where you could review frequently asked questions or get in contact with a representative to a (MORE)
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When is target senior discount day?

Target stores usually have their senior citizen discount day onTuesdays. The day of the week varies, though, by location. SomeTarget stores offer discounts to seniors on Thurs (MORE)
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Does Kmart offer a senior citizen discount?

No, Kmart doesnt care how old you are, they just want your money.But if you apply for the Kmart membership card you can get things for better prices. . Not on general me (MORE)
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Does Wendy's give senior discounts?

Yes, they have senior drinks, which are free value size drinks. I have not seen any other senior discounts but the senior drinks are very popular!
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Does HEB give a senior citizen discount?

NO that's bad seniors are extremely loyal to the stores and give a senior discount . if more people asked for it that might get them moving in the right direction.
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Does Food Lion have a senior citizens discount?

As of March 7, 2013, Food Lion does not offer a senior discount.Food Lion often offers weekly specials and coupons to theircustomers. They also have a MVP Card that will allow (MORE)
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What restaurants offer a discount to college students?

Chain restaurants such as Subway, Papa John's, Burger King and McDonalds all offer student discounts. Holders of the UniEats card can also get discounts from local restaurants (MORE)
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Did you ever get discount on Pakistan's local restaurants?

Yes I got discounts in Pakistan via's membershipcard services of TossDown.Com In Pakistan some local Banks (Silk Bank) also providing this kindof discount c (MORE)
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Do you give a senior discount?

No I don't. The reason is simple. Most of my customers are working/employed and consequently are not seniors. Or at least seniors as I define them. Beside I give other discoun (MORE)