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What is the difference between a chef and a cook?

Simply put a chef is the person in charge of a kitchen staffed by cooks. The term chef means 'chief' and denotes a position of authority. 'Chef' is essentially a title akin to (MORE)
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At what temperature should you cook a 13 pound turkey?

Although official turkey-type people say you shouldn't use low-temp roasting for turkeys out of concern for food-borne illnesses, I've never had any problems. I think you'll s (MORE)
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Earnings for a chef or cook?

varies from min wage to bout 12 quid per hour, depending on where you work and your experience
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Should I date a man who has a 13 year old son he has every other week and he does not want his son to know that he is seeing anyone?

If he is hiding his son from knowing he is seeing you i went through the same thing with my dad a while back it is very hard to hear that your dad is seeing people again but i (MORE)
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What is the one seasoning every cook should have?

Different food experts would give different answers.. Many would give "salt" as their answer.. Others would insist salt isn't necessary, that the one key ingredient is garli (MORE)
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Does every Mom know how to cook well?

Moms are people. As in any group of people, some will do a given thing well and other will not. Giving birth does not a good cook make.
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What is a cook chefs earnings?

a cook's earning can be any where between RS. 20000 to 1.5 lakhs. a rookie gets RS. 15000 in job training . as the experience increases the pay increases .SKY IS THE LIMIT.
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What should every guy know?

They should know that you always need to complement your girl, NEVER CHEAT, always treat her nicely and LOVE HER!
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What should every directioner know?

A directioner is someone who knows one directions full names, origins, catchphrases, personalities ect... If you really want to be a directioner then you must know the followi (MORE)