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If you are fat when you are young will you get bigger when you are older?

It all depends on you. If your young and fat , it doesn't mean you have to be like that when your older. Just exercise and eat healthier. Just make sure you get enough calorie (MORE)
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How can you look young at an older age?

There are some facial exercises which help in securing a young face. Besides there are anti wrinkle creams available in the market. Try them.

Who is the Handsome young man in greek mythology?

I am sorry to say you have to give a bit more detail. There many handsome men in Greek mythology. If you could remember what myth they came from that would aid one better. Her (MORE)

Why do you have to be 13 or older to use Facebook?

It has to do with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA). Facebook, along with most other US based websites, do not allow those under the age of thirte (MORE)
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How does exercising when young help when older?

Improving one's bone density when younger pays dividends in later life, as there is a significantly decreased hip fracture rate, as a result. (Bone density is increased by any (MORE)
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What is a good job for a handsome young man?

well, if youre handsome, well mannered, and charming, you could try to get a job as a host, im pretty sure that it pays quite a bit. also, i know someone who met the love of h (MORE)
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What actors and actresses appeared in Handsome - 2013?

The cast of Handsome - 2013 includes: Kenneth Cabanilla as Java Junkie Rein Deboer as Java Junkie Leora Deboer as Java Junkie Michelle Draper as Leah Tom Fugelsang as "Handsom (MORE)