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What do you need to make a video game?

Firstly, u should install a record program, i recommend PChand Screen Capture, it could record anything on the screen and any audio you hear. even the left and right mouse cli (MORE)
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What do you need to design video games?

Well, if you would really like to take up a career in game design, You would probably have to go to a certain college, but, For beginners, there is a very easy-to-use program (MORE)
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Why do you stop playing video games?

As we grow up we realize that there are more important things in life rather than playing video games. Another thing might be that people might not have time or interest in pl (MORE)
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Do you need video games?

A: Obviously B: well technically you want them cause' they are not nessesary for life...but you do need then the want way :)
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What is needed in a video game storyboard?

It depends on if it is an adventure story or not. You need an interesting plot line, with characters, but if you say a name, you need to make sure the player knows who they ar (MORE)
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What you need to play video games?

Games console Video Games TV Game controller Electricity fingers / Ability to use hands Batteries Money to pay for electricity Parents to pay for electricity
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How do you stop a video game from freezing?

There is no actual WAY to stop a game from freezing, but you can try to clean the disk with a slightly warm, damp rag, and then dry it carefully. You may also have to clea (MORE)
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How do you stop a video game addict?

well first you gotta find a subsitute like skateboarding paintball or something acctive. and if that doesnt work just take the batterys out of the remote./ if they have any.
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What video game franchise uses the buster sword?

The Buster Sword is a weapon that appears in the Final Fantasy series, making its first appearance in Final Fantasy VII and has since been found in several later titles. The (MORE)
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How stop a video game addiction?

One way could be to note how much time is spent on playing games. Aperson could use some kind of timer to remind him or her when theassigned time to play games is up.