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How do you be manly?

I am a girl myself and i personaly like guys who do hard sports! and can clean up for dinner! good looks and humor is another winner too! i like a football player but he is fu (MORE)

How do you hack clothes on Club Penguin?

you cant unless... you go to Bing and type in penguin storm the you go onto the one discovered by microchip... click on download penguin storm (zip) you download it then it co (MORE)

Can you hack to buy clothes on club penguin?

first off you cant really hack to get clothes. as far as i know anyway. but i know ho get the money needed to buy the clothes you want. first you need cheat engine 5.5. look i (MORE)

What were the clothes that the Egyptian men wear?

For thousands of years men of all classes wore a simple kilt called a schenti made from linen and tied at the waist with a belt. Wealth was usually displayed by a wig and jewe (MORE)
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What happens if you do the 15 prestige hack?

Buddy Shut Up. if u hack your a wimp who plays with hacks faker cheap loser. dont do it buddy be a good guy and listen to me! Dont Hack! P.S. Hackers are ______!

Who Was The pharaoh That Dressed In Mens Clothing?

Just about all the pharaohs dressed in men's clothing as they were men. The three or four women rulers dressed as women, with perhaps the exception of Hatshepsut who at times (MORE)