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Who is wolverine?

Wolverine is "the best there is'.. at what he does but as he will tell you; "What I do ain't very nice." Wolverine first appeared in The Incredible Hulk number 180 in October (MORE)
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What are wolverines?

Wolverines Are Big Small Bear Like Creatures.But They Are atually A Part Of Mustlid Family.The Same Family As: Stoats,Weasles,Minks,Badgers And Others.They Are The Second Larg (MORE)
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Can you give the 16 things of batman in millsberry if you don't know them all then don't answer?

Here are the ones I know:\n. \n1. Front of Academy [it's the motorcycle]\n. \n2. Clothing Store [on the stairs is a belt, to spot it look for the bat on it.]\n. \n3. In the (MORE)
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Who would win between wolverine and the thing?

I believe that wolverine' would win. I do not think the thing' could beat wolverine'.. 1. Wolverine' has a healing factor . 2. Wolverine' has adamantium claws [thats nearly (MORE)
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About the wolverine?

Wolverine had first appeared in the Incredible hulk series. He was hired by the government to fight hulk. Wolverines claws are made of indestructible metal. He is a mutant tha (MORE)
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Your girlfriend may be pregnant Im 16 and she is 15 you want to know how long it will take for her to start feeling symptoms She last had her period Feb 27 you had sex no condom and didnt pull out?

Let's see. First, you shouldn't be having sex at all. If she doesn't have a period but the end of April then you need for her to take a pregnancy test. Then and only then talk (MORE)
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Is it normal if im 16 and you still didnt reach puberty?

It depends on your gender. For females, 16 may be a little too late, however for males, it is at the end of the normal age. If you have concerns talk to your doctor, in some (MORE)
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Would it still be seen as sexual assault if the boy had turned 16 a few days earlier and didnt know the girl was 13 and the girl instigated the deed?

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. There is no advice provided beyond obtain a lawyer. Everything else is a statement of my understanding of the law. It may or may not be correct. (MORE)
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Does wolverine know sabretooth is his brother?

In the 2009 movie, he knows victor is his step brother. However, in the comic books, they are not brothers, in fact, it was suggested at some point that Sabertooth was Logan's (MORE)
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How would things be different if you didnt have weather forecasts?

Well basically without weather forecasts you would not be able to find out what the weather would be like 5-7 days out and what type of clothing is required. Plus, forecasts h (MORE)
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Why didnt Harry Potter know about his parents?

Harry was raised by the Muggle family called the Dursleys. The instant they took him in, Mr and Mrs Dursley swore that his magical abilities and all of the magical world would (MORE)
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10 things you didnt know about Kate Middleton?

There are many things you likely didn't know about Kate Middleton,like the face that she is the oldest royal bride, her real name isCatherine, she loved sports as a child, and (MORE)
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Who would win in a fight between Thing vs Wolverine?

Thing would win. He would punch him 8 times in order to knock himout. The only thing Wolverine can do is claw him. Rock is weakerthan claw. Thing is still stronger but Wolveri (MORE)
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Horror movies you didnt know were based on true events?

There are many horror movies that are based on true events: Deranged (1974) Hard Candy (2006) Fire in the Sky (1993) The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972) Ravenous (1999) The Rite (MORE)
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Can paranoia make you think of things that didnt happen?

We think paranoid worries are very common but that they are rarelydiscussed. .... can strongly visualise horrible things and think itcould actually happen. get .... I hope I h (MORE)
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Does paranoia make you think of things that didnt happen?

Schizophrenia can be marked by various frightening and, at times,... If you think about it, though, these people deal with hundredsof ... they didn't go back to their friends (MORE)